Is your software product internationalized? A New Way to Keep Score

It’s finally become fairly common knowledge that for the best results, you need to internationalize before you localize code. But internationalization requirements can be difficult to articulate, negotiating locale can be error prone and it’s easy and expensive for internationalization errors to slip all the way through to release.

In our interactions with many globally-savvy development and localization organizations, it’s clear that there’s a need for systems to evaluate, monitor and track internationalization status and progress over time. This is particularly emphasized with fast release cycles, geographically distributed development teams and the important and emphasis on growing global revenues.

In this one hour webinar, you will learn how the new Globalyzer Internationalization Score Card provides mechanism to report on the status of your internationalization efforts and how to tailor an i18n Score Card template to your specific project requirements.

The Score Card leverages Lingoport’s i18n tool Globalyzer, a client/server software system which helps entire teams find, fix and monitor internationalization issues in their source code. Globalyzer identifies and reports in a wide variety of programming languages and helps entire development teams internationalize source code, both initially and as an integral part of future releases.

Webinar: “Is it Internationalized? A New Way to Keep Score”
Date and Time: This webinar was originally held on Thursday, June 16, 2011
Webinar recording: See Below

Presenters: Adam Asnes and Olivier Libouban of Lingoport

In this online session, Adam Asnes and Olivier Libouban will provide a general overview of the Score Card template and also discuss:

  • The Internationalization Score Card setup and analyst input.
  • Using Globalyzer in the Internationalization Score Card.
  • The Internationalization Score Card utilities.
  • A workflow to integrate the Internationalization Score Card in a continuous integration environment, and more.

The webinar targets technical managers, software engineers, test engineering managers, QA managers, internationalization and localization managers, and anyone facing ongoing software globalization and internationalization challenges.

About the presenters:
Adam Asnes founded Lingoport in 2001 after seeing firsthand that the niche for software globalization engineering products and services was underserved in the localization industry. As Lingoport’s President and CEO, he focuses on sales and marketing alliances while maintaining oversight of the company’s internationalization services engineering and Globalyzer product development.

Olivier Libouban, a native of France, has been working for 25 years in the software industry for large corporations and start-ups as a software engineer and as a project leader. Olivier has a wide ranging experience in the US, France, Switzerland and Norway in R&D departments as well as client projects of all sizes with complex software environments.

Click here to download the “Is it Internationalized? A New Way to Keep Score” slides in .pdf format.


Picture of Adam Asnes
Adam Asnes
Adam Asnes is the Founder and CEO of Lingoport, the industry leader in software internationalization products and services.
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