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New Webinar: A Deep-Dive into Intuit’s Agile Localization Engine

Intuit Agile Localization

On November 29th Lingoport had the pleasure of hosting a webinar featuring Lucio Gutiérrez, I18n Software Architect and Developer at Intuit. During the webinar Gutiérrez walked us through the evolution of Intuit’s agile localization tools and processes.

Intuit is a market leader in financial software, enabling consumers, entrepreneurs, and small businesses to manage their finances more efficiently and accurately. The company’s mission is to power prosperity around the world. With $5.2 billion in annual revenue, Intuit’s QuickBooks and TurboTax products support more than 42 million customers around the world in running their small businesses, paying employees and bills, and filing income taxes. In its latest quarterly results, Quickbooks subscriptions rose 75% internationally, while the company’s full-year fiscal 2018 guidance projects another 12 months of solid growth.

By any measure, Intuit is a model for global success.

Intuit’s High-Powered Localization Engine

In order to empower its global customers, Intuit continuously engages in localization of its products (whether desktop, mobile, or in the cloud) in alignment with its agile product releases. Over time Intuit has refined and strengthened its approach, including the integration of Lingoport Resource Manager (LRM) into the process.

In this webinar, go under the hood and uncover the systems, processes, and technologies that power Intuit’s well-oiled, continuous localization engine in support of its expanding global business. View the webinar recording to learn how Intuit fluidly integrates development, localization, management, and reporting to save countless hours of engineering time with its global product releases.


More Efficient, Reliable, and Scalable Localization

Lingoport’s software and services are used by many of the world’s leading software organizations to achieve more seamless internationalization and localization. This webinar includes an examination of Intuit’s use of Lingoport Resource Manager, which saves hundreds or even thousands of hours in the localization process through intelligent automation, enabling more efficient, reliable, and scalable localization.

Featured Presenter

Lucio Gutiérrez is I18n Software Architect and Developer at Intuit. Gutiérrez is an experienced software architect and full-stack developer with strong expertise in object oriented development and architectural patterns.

At Intuit, Gutiérrez works with the Globalization Platform Engineering team in creating the next-generation internationalization (i18n) platform to help Intuit scale in the global market. His responsibilities include:

  • Innovating processes and tools to support Intuit’s global journey across teams
  • Architecting, developing and documenting the Globalization Platform Technology
  • Providing i18n best practices across multiple teams at Intuit
  • Implementing and deploying innovative i18n processes and tools to process and generate content that feels “more local than the locals”
  • Collaborating with multiple leadership teams across Intuit to implement and deploy state-of-the-art processes and tools to apply i18n standards the right way
  • Getting ideas off the ground in an agile i18n environment

What You Will Learn in This Webinar

  • The evolution of Intuit’s approach to software internationalization and localization
  • How Intuit manages the localization process among development, localization, management, and reporting
  • Methods for seamless integration of i18n and L10n with Intuit’s core agile software development
  • Intuit’s use of Lingoport Resource Manager to make localization more efficient and scalable
  • The importance of visibility in the localization process across the enterprise
  • Strategies to guide you towards a more effective software localization process

Webinar Recording


State of the i18n and L10n Industry Webinar

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