Justifying Software Globalization to Management

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Perhaps you have a clear or developing business case for software internationalization (i18n) and localization (L10n), but the process is slow, and you are having trouble justifying the cost and what’s involved for i18n and L10n to management.

Is the lack of a definitive internationalization/localization process slowing your department down? Are you in a position where you need to explain to management how much time-to-market is wasted by a late international release or quantifying globalization of your software application?

In this one-hour online session, Loic Dufresne de Virel, Localization Strategist at Intel, and Adam Asnes, Founder & CEO of Lingoport, provide useful information on how you can get buy-in from management to support your internationalization and localization efforts.

Webinar: “Justifying Software Globalization to Management”
Date: This webinar was originally held on Thursday, September 15, 2011
Recording: View the webinar recording below
Presenters: Loic Dufresne de Virel, Localization Strategist at Intel, and Adam Asnes, Founder & CEO of Lingoport

Loic and Adam discuss a number of topics, including:

  • How would management be affected if you failed to meet quarterly expectations internationally due to a lack of understanding between developers and localization caused by an unclear i18n/L10n process?
  • How much time (and money) is spent on bug fixing? And what exactly is an i18n bug?
  • How to create an internationalization plan.
  • How to lower overall cost by establishing a stable QA process.
  • How to manage the internationalization process.
  • How to present numbers and strategies to management in a clear and concise manner, and much more.

This presentation targets technical managers, software engineers, test engineering managers, QA managers, internationalization and localization managers, and anyone wanting to learn more about how to streamline the software globalization process.

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Adam Asnes is the Founder and CEO of Lingoport, the industry leader in software internationalization products and services.
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