Lingoport’s New Localyzer Release: enterprise features bring more localization agility and control for software development teams

Boost Localization Agility and Control with Localyzer

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Boulder, CO June 30, 2023

Lingoport announced a new release of its Localyzer software, helping software development teams embed localization into their feature development.

Localization can be a drag on the special requirements of software developers. Localyzer, created by developers, especially for development teams, integrates localization automation and testing during design and development. With this release, Localyzer adds a whole new interface for ease of use, gathering and drilling down information, segmenting reporting for enterprise teams, and much more. It also delivers a flexible solution that can work with many forms of translation delivery, now and in the future.

Localyzer 9.2 Release highlights:

  • Localyzer now uses our new Command Center UI for enterprise localization management –  simplifying setup, configuration, locale mapping, dashboards, and more.
  • Fast repo/project onboarding – especially good for microservices architectures
  • FIGMA support – go directly to translation from design (machine translation for instant multi-lingual design feedback or human translation)
  • Flexible and simple to use locale selection and mapping
  • Enhanced security and version updating 

“We’re always looking for ways to make localization an integrated aspect of development. The opportunity is for developers to impact users around the world. Localization should fit into the developer’s daily efforts and give teams immediate feedback.” – Adam Asnes, Lingoport CEO.

About Lingoport:

Lingoport provides software and professional services that enable globally focused companies to create and maintain software that works elegantly in every language and locale.

Lingoport’s suite of products includes Globalyzer, Localyzer, and LocalyzerQA. Working together, these products continuously monitor, fix, collaborate, and manage both internationalization and localization in each software sprint and release. Please visit

Contact: Kate Vostokova –

Lingoport, Inc.

3180 Sterling Cir #201

Boulder, CO 80301 USA

Quick overviews with drill-down reporting, error checking, and more. Simple to navigate.

Easy & flexible locale configuration


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