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Lingoport Releases Internationalization Dashboard

Lingoport Dashboard allows enterprises to visualize source code quality and track bugs at a glance for global products

BOULDER, CO – July 10, 2012 – Lingoport, the leading provider of source code internationalization (i18n) analysis, announced today that it has released Lingoport Dashboard, part of its suite of products.

Lingoport Dashboard, a centralized visualization of software internationalization metrics, was created to help software producers understand the global readiness of their upcoming releases. In a recent poll conducted by Lingoport, 71% of respondents indicated they were actively having delays in global software releases. “Lingoport learned that companies were not getting visibility into coding issues during development that cause these delays and often first discovering them only in later localization testing phases,” says Lingoport CEO Adam Asnes. He continues, “We developed a product to fill this need; to create a solutions where issues can be tracked and acted upon during development.”

Lingoport Dashboard is accessible to users across an organization, allowing developers the ability to track source code i18n health down to line by line detail as part of an ongoing development while managers stay in tune with progress at a glance.

Adam Blau, VP of Sales at Lingoport, adds, “Many globally focused enterprises often derive in excess of 50% of their revenues from international markets.” He adds, “Lingoport Dashboard enables these enterprises to optimize their release practices, thus gaining a competitive advantage in their go-to-market strategies.”

In two recent webinars, Gary Lefman, Internationalization Architect at Cisco Systems, Adam Asnes, Lingoport CEO, and Olivier Libouban, Lingoport Globalization Lead, provided a hands-on Dashboard demonstration. The presenters demonstrated how globally-centric products are improved through visible, easy to use displays. Additional information about the Lingoport Dashboard and to view the webinar recording here.

Lingoport also announces the release of its latest white paper, Measuring Internationalization with Lingoport Dashboard, a study compiled from the research and development that went into creating the Dashboard. The white paper is available here.

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About Lingoport (www.lingoport.com)
Lingoport helps globally focused technology companies accelerate and improve how software is built for world markets. Lingoport’s suite of products is the market leader for companies looking to remove surprises in coding software for the world by automatically checking, measuring and fixing source code for internationalization (i18n) defects. Combined with comprehensive outsourcing services, Lingoport offerings enable our clients to make world-ready software development a priority for their worldwide customers.

Contact Lingoport at +1 303 444 8020 or info@lingoport.com

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