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Lingoport Suite – New releases, Machine Translation and More

We are pleased to announce the latest new releases of Lingoport Suite products, including enhancements to Globalyzer and Lingoport Resource Manager (LRM).

Lingoport Suite products work together to integrate internationalization (i18n), localization and QA together with modern agile development practices and continuous engineering systems. With so many software companies realizing substantial growth using language and regional customization to reach new customers, it’s more important than ever to have software systems that speed up and simplify the globalization process. Here are the release highlights:

Globalyzer – Continuous i18n

LRM – Continuous Localization:

  • Integration with Amazon Translate and SYSTRAN neural machine translation engines deliver immediate translation returns directly to and from your Git repositories, and empower developers to iterate on features without waiting for translation. Machine translations are then quickly edited using Lingoport’s InContext QA.
  • DITA support for documentation projects using .dita and .ditmap files, increasingly popular within git projects and hard to manage for localization without automation
  • XHTML parsing
  • More flexibility for locale support in file structures
  • See: https://wiki.lingoport.com/LRM_Release_Notes

Lean Localization Process

Lingoport’s patent pending Lean Localization Process combines its software suite so that applications are always internationalized and localized with all feature development, and no lag in waiting for translation. The right time to deal with i18n and Localization updates is as software is written, and the right time for human translators to correct machine translation is during QA and review. This keeps localization tightly in sync with feature development, rather than lagging development progress by days to weeks. Please visit: https://lingoport.com/lean-localization-process/ to learn more about this industry changing approach.

Make better software for the world, do it faster, and in tune with agile development.

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