Top Five Reasons Localization isn’t even a Choice Anymore

With so many internet users and gamers consuming content in a language other than English, development companies no longer have the choice whether to localize or not; it’s a must! The following is the top five reasons why localization can no longer be overlooked.

  1. Because your competitors will gain the upper hand on you. If you’re not going to localize, someone else will. Since consumers best identify with products in their own language, they will gain a respect for your competitor for their product and overlook you.
  2. 75% of gamers come from non-English speaking markets. This doesn’t include all the high-tech games on Xbox and PS3; games like FarmVille and Mafia Wars are immensely popular in their localized versions.
  3. Non-native English speaking web users are growing rapidly. This new developing group represents a new market websites and game developers can target. 90% of these users prefer to use the web in their own language.
  4. Many immigrant communities need translated material for legal purposes. There is a real demand in the market requiring companies to address visitors of their web sites in languages other than English.
  5. People prefer buying in their own language. Have you ever traveled abroad and felt awkward when purchasing something because you either don’t know exactly what it is or aren’t sure of the conversion? Having access to that knowledge is powerful in the hands of the consumer.

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  1. Grace Bosworth
    Grace Bosworth says:

    This was a good post. I have been grappling with the localization theme myself in my own blog. The author is correct, it is no longer a choice. My company, Global2Local, works primarily with businesses, and the hardest objection we have to overcome is the people who say, “well, the majority of the people in this country (like China) speak English.” Then they wonder why their product doesn’t sell! I am going to keep this post on file with a slew of other ones to pass on to stubborn marketing professionals trying to cut corners!!

    Grace Bosworth
    President, Global2Local Language Solutions LLC


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