The Localization Technology Round Table Event Series

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The Localization Technology Round Table brings together five industry leaders to present an open technology framework that speeds up time to market and drastically reduces your localization and translation costs.

Together, Lingoport, Acrolinx, Clay Tablet, Milengo and Asia Online will show how advanced, modular localization technology addresses the challenges faced when launching products or services to international markets in multiple languages.

You’ll learn the key considerations when taking an international product from design to launch through, Internationalization, Information Authoring, Content Management, Localization and Translation Automation.

And you’ll learn how this is achievable quickly, and with fewer resources, while maintaining a consistent brand and user experience that builds value, saves time and reduces costs.

You will also:

  • Access a wealth of localization experience from industry experts
  • Discover new technologies and new ways of working that are already changing the localization landscape
  • Learn strategies that can streamline your localization efforts and help you quickly launch products worldwide
  • Share information with like-minded peers and learn proven practices that you’ll find nowhere else

The Localization Technology Round Table event is free of charge, space is limited, and scheduled to be held at the Renaissance Boston Waterfront Hotel on Tuesday, October 19th in Boston.

Please note that the Wednesday, October 20th event in New York and the Thursday, October 21st event in Washington, DC will have to be rescheduled for 2011.


8am – 9am: Continental Breakfast and Networking

9am: Introduction

Renato Beninatto from Milengo provides an introduction to the event, the speakers and an overview of the presentations.

9:05am: Software Internationalization Best Practices by Adam Asnes of Lingoport
A leader in software internationalization solutions introduces the challenge of taking a complex software/hardware product to market in multiple languages. Lingoport will show how internationalization at the earliest stages of product design results in gains in efficiency and cost reductions further down the localization value chain.

You’ll learn:

  • How to make your software work in all languages
  • Why translation is crucial to sales success
  • How internationalization drives efficiency in the localization value chain

Acrolinx - Technology for Information Quality

9:20am: Information Quality Management Solutions by Kent Taylor of acrolinx
The world’s leading provider of Information Quality Management Solutions will show how to deliver quality product and technical information faster and for less money, despite time-to-market pressures, insufficient editing staff, and rapidly changing technology.

You’ll learn:

  • How to save 15% – 25% on translation costs with quality source content
  • What you need to know to improve your processes today
  • Quality Management in the Information Development Environment

Clay Tablet Technologies

9:35am: Content Management, Customer Relationship Management and Product Information Management System Integration by Robinson Kelly of Clay Tablet
A leader in localization efficiency solutions shows how automated translation processes make it simple to deliver product support and technical content from any Content Management, Customer Relationship Management or Product Information Management system and deliver significant reductions in localization costs and time to market.

You’ll learn:

  • How Business Information Systems can be leveraged to deliver multilingual content.
  • How sending content for translation is easy and hassle free
  • How an automated workflow improves time to market and reduces costs when launching international products.

9:50am: Break and refreshments


10:00am: Localization and Translation Best Practices by Renato Beninatto of Milengo
A global provider of language services to Fortune 500 companies shows how multi-language vendors blend advanced localization workflows and technology to deliver multi-language translations quicker and, at a lower cost.

You’ll learn:

  • How rapid market expansion requires rapid translation results
  • Why human translation is important and the areas it really makes a difference
  • How machines and humans can work together to tackle large volume multi language projects

Asia Online

10:15am: Machine Translation Technology Integration by Kirti Vashee of Asia Online
A leader in Translation Technology shows how Machine Translation can make a huge impact on localization productivity delivering more words, faster and at a lower average cost.

You’ll learn:

  • How the real time content model is set to change the localization landscape and how MT is poised to address this challenge.
  • How MT can enable new kinds of projects never considered before, including those with millions of words.
  • How large volume MT projects can facilitate rapid market expansion

10:30am: Q&A

10:50am: Break / Refreshments

11am – 2pm: Networking / Consultation / One-on-one Discussions

In the final part of the event you’ll have the opportunity to speak individually with any of the presenters to answer your questions and discuss how the concepts covered can benefit you.


Renato Beninatto
CEO & Chief Instigator at Milengo

Renato BeninattoRenato is a corporate strategist and market research evangelist with nearly 30 years of executive-level leadership in the localization industry. A native of Brazil, Renato serves on the Advisory Board of Localization World and remains an active member of several industry groups worldwide, including the American Translators Association (ATA), the European Language Industry Association, the Association of Language Companies (ALC), and the Globalization and Localization Association (GALA).

Kent Taylor
General Manager at acrolinx

Kent TaylorKent Taylor defines himself as a Recovering Pubs Director and a 30-year enterprise publishing veteran, experienced in all aspects of information development and delivery, with a strong focus on people, process, technology, and quality.  And, he is always seeking the Holy Grail: cost, quality, and timeliness – all at the same time!

Kirti Vashee
Vice President of Enterprise Translation Sales at Asia Online

Kirti VasheeKirti Vashee is a seasoned sales and marketing executive of technology products who has built a reputation as an evangelist for SMT technology. He has been a prominent and accomplished speaker on automated translation technology in a variety of localization and globalization technology focused conferences around the world.

Robinson Kelly
CEO & Founder of Clay Tablet Technologies

Robinson KellyRobinson is a technology entrepreneur and business start-up veteran. Clay Tablet is the fourth start-up technology company he’s been involved with over the past 15 years, including, working in Silicon Valley launching a content management firm. Robinson is now responsible for the sustained growth of the company by driving strategy, managing major partnerships, setting goals and directing the team.

President & CEO of Lingoport

Adam Asnes founded Lingoport in 2001 after seeing firsthand that the niche for software globalization engineering products and services was underserved in the localization industry. Adam AsnesLingoport helps globally focused technology companies adapt their software for worldwide markets with expert internationalization and localization consulting and Globalyzer software. Globalyzer, a market leading software internationalization tool, helps entire enterprises and development teams to effectively internationalize existing and newly developed source code and to prepare their applications for localization.

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