Measuring Internationalization with Lingoport Dashboard

Measuring Internationalization 
with Lingoport Dashboard

Lingoport's i18n & L10n Dashboard Product

What gets measured gets done. Period. A recent Lingoport webinar poll revealed that nearly ¾ of all respondents experienced delays in releasing global software products. Getting software products to market late can have a huge impact on a company’s bottom line and can put the company’s reputation on the line.

We invite you to read this white paper and learn how globally oriented enterprises are now able to track, analyze and act on code quality data to avoid costly mistakes using Lingoport Dashboard.

In this white paper, readers will learn:

  • How software producers may better prepare globally sound products
  • Why measuring i18n inefficiencies at the source code will help localization
  • How the dashboard display is intuitive and usable by both developers and managers

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