New Webinar: Mechanics of Continuous Globalization and Integration

So your developer teams are agile or moving in that direction – How does your organization score on supporting internationalization and localization in a continuously integrated process?

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What are the systems you have in place to measure, manage and automate internationalization and localization during a sprint?

Remember that once i18n or L10n issues get into backlogs, they often are treated at P3 – issues that continuously slip. That means that global users are not getting the same treatment and service.

In a webinar, we’ll show how integrated continuous globalization works from development, QA, management and localization perspectives. Hereā€™s what weā€™ll discuss and demonstrate:

  • Short continuous globalization overview
  • Writing some sample code
  • Issue detection on the desktop (within the developer IDE)
  • Issue detection in the dashboard and email warnings
  • Pull request feedback on GitHub, overview for other Source Repositories
  • Managing and automating Localization changes and updates
  • Near instant automated pseudo-localization for QA
  • What this means for your organization

Who should attend:

  • Development managers and team members
  • QA Managers and team members
  • Localization Managers and team members
  • Product Managers

Start the year simplifying agile globalization as an ongoing requirement, bridging software development and localization.


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Adam Asnes
Adam Asnes is the Founder and CEO of Lingoport, the industry leader in software internationalization products and services.
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