Webinar: A New Approach to Software Globalization for Startups

When you’re new and looking to compete and adapt you need speed, simplicity, and low cost.

All of these requirements compete with priorities to create a minimum viable product and release. In fact, the need to refine and try new things is a very realistic blocker for globalization efforts.

We now have the systems to change all that from early startups to established fast moving product development teams.

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Globalize from the Get-Go

We can talk about how people should globalize their software from the start, but competing priorities, necessary internationalization and localization infrastructure, AND costs generally mean putting it off till later. It doesn’t have to be that way.

In this webinar, we demonstrate:

  • A low cost path to i18n so it’s baked into development
  • Low cost, instant localization for application development
  • Fast and simple translation quality review and correction – right from the context of an application
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Localize in Real-Time from Idea to Conception

Go from idea, to a prototype, to a fully developed release, all while supporting those locales you thought were years away.

We’re going to localize an application in real time, proving how fast, simple and easy it is.

This works across platforms including:

  • Web applications
  • Mobile apps
  • Consoles/games

Key Discussion Points Include:

  • Creating a cost effective path to i18n, integrated with development
  • Instantaneous localization for application development
  • Fast and simple translation quality review and correction
  • And more

Who Should Attend

  • Localization Management
  • Localization Engineers
  • Development Managers
  • Product and Project Managers
  • Anyone interested in cost-effective localization
View i18n Webinar Recording

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