New Lingoport Suite Release: InContext Translation & QA

Boulder, CO May 21, 2019 – Lingoport releases InContext Translation & QA along with it’s new Lingoport Suite releases. A picture helps a translator use the right words.

InContext Translation presents translators with contextual views of software so that their efforts are visually supported. Software application translation is particularly challenging as the translator is presented with individual words and short messages that traditionally lack context. As many words often lack direct correlations between languages, this presents challenges. For example, the word claim can be a noun or a verb, with ambiguous meanings without context. InContext Translation solves this problem efficiently, without forcing software developers to make changes to their code or existing processes. With the speed and frequency of agile development updates, it’s very important that localization can keep up, while retaining high quality standards and minimal need for corrections.

InContext Translation top benefits:

  • Saves time, reduces the burden of linguistic review
  • Works for complex web applications
  • No need to change developer frameworks or use proprietary libraries
  • Works with many leading translation systems

“InContext Translation has been among the top product development requests for many years. It’s a difficult problem to solve for complex applications which may use multiple programming languages and technologies,” explained Adam Asnes, Lingoport’s CEO. “We felt we were in a unique position to solve this, given our continuous internationalization and localization software connects to software repositories and can map out where messages occur in source code.”

Lingoport’s InContext Translation release coincides with updates of other Lingoport Suite products, including Globalyzer 6.2.1 and Lingoport Resource Manager 5.0. InContext Translation also joins InContext QA software released previously.

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About Lingoport:

Lingoport provides software and professional services that enable globally focused companies to create and maintain software that works elegantly in every language and locale.

The Lingoport Suite includes Globalyzer, Resource Manager, and InContext Translation & QA. Working together, these products continuously monitor, fix, collaborate and manage both internationalization and localization in each software sprint and release.


Contact: Cindy Haag,

Lingoport, Inc.

3180 Sterling Cir #201

Boulder, CO 80301 USA


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