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New Lingoport Suite Releases: JavaScript i18n Focus

Lingoport has released a new edition of its product suite that integrates software internationalization (i18n) and localization (L10n) into every sprint and release. With companies launching and adapting their software for global markets faster than ever, there is a burden on delivering a high quality user experience that handles locale requirements gracefully, including language, cultural formatting and adaptability.

This release includes Globalyzer 5.2 and Lingoport Resource Manager 3.0 (LRM).

Globalyzer finds and fixes i18n issues as part of the continuous development process or can be run on existing source code. LRM tracks and verifies changes to resource files within the source code repository that will need to be translated, and automatically sends those changes out to localization vendors and updates the repository upon translated return.

  • Globalyzer 5.2 new features and enhancements focus on i18n challenges for JavaScript, with specific i18n rule categories for AngularJS, jQuery, ReactJS and NodeJS libraries.
  • LRM 3.0 new features include: Integration with SDL’s Worldserver™ translation management system, Workforce™ (AtTask), extending LRM via custom tasks, and a transformer for .json into properties files for L10n vendor technologies that don’t support .json.

“A vast majority of our customers’ development efforts use different flavors of JavaScript.” explained Olivier Libouban, Lingoport’s VP of Product Development. “We see JavaScript targeted for the browser and even on the client side. Yet JavaScript code often has a high density of internationalization issues, some of which are specific to various libraries.”

“With the velocity of ongoing product development there is pressure to internationalize, enable globalization testing and keep translations in parity with shortened release cycles.” added Adam Asnes, Lingoport CEO. “Once a new feature or release is out, it becomes hard to go back to find and fix i18n and L10n issues later on, plus you don’t want to treat global customers like second class users letting new features fall behind.”

The Lingoport Suite makes these globalization activities visible with direct navigation to issues that would be otherwise hidden in volumes of code, plus automates and verifies activities that are error prone and take time away from primary product development pursuits. The Lingoport Suite integrates with leading source control management systems and developer environments.

The LRM 3.0 enhancements further the ability to connect and manage software translation as companies rely on localization vendors and technologies to support their rapid release cycles.

Globalyzer 5.2 release notes: https://wiki.lingoport.com/Globalyzer_Release_Notes

LRM release notes: https://wiki.lingoport.com/LRM_Release_Notes

To learn more about Lingoport Suite please visit: https://lingoport.com/products
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