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Painless Internationalization (i18n) for every Sprint

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Making i18n reporting and fixing easy and a natural part of a development

One of the main barriers to improving i18n processes is the investment it can take in tools, systems, expertise, and personnel. What if we could make it easy? No expertise is needed to get started. No tools to learn – nothing to install. Lingoport’s experts set it up for you – quickly and affordably. Developers can stay on top of i18n simply and easily for every sprint. Localization teams know what’s coming, and Management has clear metrics for globalization status. Sounds nice, right? We’re calling it Globalyzer Express. Look below:

Screen Shot 2013-06-28 at 6.15.09 PM(click image to enlarge)

This is a top-level view of our i18n Dashboard. It’s being fed by the Globalyzer command line, which is connecting to source control. All issues can be drilled down in code line detail like so:

Screen Shot 2013-06-28 at 6.21.52 PM (click image to enlarge)

Developers can concentrate on the area of code they are working on and simply go through the issues detected and fix them. The dashboard tracks activities. You’re product is i18n ready right in the current sprint. No buildup of i18n technical debt, and if you have i18n debt, your team can clearly work its way through it. You get real-time i18n code metrics and reviews rather than trying to catch up later with ad-hoc testing. This is taking the best practices of software development and bringing them to internationalization, but we’ve made it easy.

Agile and Internationalization

In discussing the Globalyzer Express concept with customers, it’s clear that there’s an extra benefit to this solution if the team is using Agile or Agile-like development methods. There are several reasons for this:

  • There’s no time to go back and fix i18n issues later – the team has moved on
  • Each developer can quickly navigate to their part of the code reporting and fix or mark their issues. I18n gets distributed where it’s the least costly to fix.
  • Localization teams will know what changes are coming in advance (Globalyzer Express tracks changes to resource files) and be able to verify code readiness before localization starts on fast-moving updates.

How does it work?

We set it all up, configure, and fine-tune specifically for your software. Our team lives for i18n, so you leverage that quickly. It works for lots of programming languages and database scripts. There’s no learning curve or tools configuration and analysis burden for your team.

We host it all in a SaaS configuration when granted read access to your source repository, or Globalyzer Express can work behind your firewall by installing several of the Globalyzer Suite components. You’re productive right away. As for licensing fees, it’s all quite reasonable, with quarterly payments within your budget. We think you’re going to like this. We’ll be providing more details shortly, but in the meantime, contact Lingoport to learn more and get a guided tour.

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