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Globalyzer 5.0 Crushes Concatenations

Globalyzer 5.0 Release

Lingoport is pleased to announce its Globalyzer 5.0 release is now available. Highlights of the release include:

  1. New string concatenation-specific detection
  2. More precise filtering and detection based on class names using AST parsing to further reduce false positives.
  3. Globalyzer Lite enhancements that speed up and ease enterprise deployment within developer environments and automated code check-in processes

Globalyzer is part of the Lingoport Suite for finding, fixing and continuously supporting internationalization and localization for software development. It’s used by leading technology firms to deliver software that elegantly supports worldwide locale formats and languages. Lingoport Suite includes Globalyzer, Lingoport Dashboard and Lingoport Resource Manager.

“Concatenations are a particularly pernicious internationalization issue,” explained Adam Asnes, Lingoport’s CEO. “We’ve found they make up about 7 to 10% of internationalization issues. Their implications are often overlooked, and are time-consuming to fix.”

Globalyzer 5.0 Release
String concatenations detected by Globalyzer 5.0

It is common for developers to concatenate multiple substrings into a single user-facing message. The messages can then change depending upon how users interact with software. However, when it comes to localization, the word order or logic (i.e. automated pluralization, order of nouns and adjectives) likely won’t make sense in the target language. Developers often are not aware of the implications of these issues. These issues often don’t show up until testing, localization or after release. The delay makes them much more expensive to fix than during development. Even worse, they are sometimes externalized in concatenated format so that work needs to be undone.

Globalyzer 5.0 also marks the first implementation of new filter and detection control technology. This deeper level of code scanning lets developers add further conditions to reduce false positive reporting. Initially, this capability is targeted at Java development, but will be expanded quickly to include other programming languages and more types of filtering control.

Globalyzer Lite has been very popular since its recent release in 2015, particularly for enterprise distribution, Globalyzer 5.0 speeds up Lite’s distribution and continuous scanning as team leads can quickly adapt and export Globalyzer Workbench project files and distribute them to Lite users.

To view the Globalyzer 5.0 release notes, please visit: https://wiki.lingoport.com/index.php5?title=Globalyzer_Release_Notes
To learn more about the Lingoport Suite, visit https://lingoport.com/products

About Lingoport

Lingoport provides software and professional services that enable globally focused companies to create and maintain software that works elegantly in every language and locale.

The Lingoport Suite includes Globalyzer Server, Workbench, Command Line and Lite, plus Lingoport Dashboard and Resource Manager. Working together, these products continuously monitor, fix and manage both internationalization and localization in each software development sprint and release.

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