• Release globalized software on time in every sprint
  • Integrate internationalization and localization with development
  • No globalization backlogs!

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Globalyzer Product Suite

Create and maintain global software for any language or cultural format.

  • Globalyzer – Measure and scope internationalization readiness and progress on technical debt as well as ongoing development. Globalyzer has the following components.
  • Lingoport Dashboard – See it all, drill down, create notifications and manage the process.
  • Lingoport Resource Manager – Find and manage resource files for localization and automates the process of localizing them and updating the source with translations.

Source code security

Your source code and Globalyzer’s analysis stays within your local network. Your source code is never exposed.

Licensing options

Express licensing will get you started quickly, while x licensing will….

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Save time creating quality global releases

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  • Find issues before you translate – Finding coding issues during translation is expensive, and often the development team has moved on.
  • Include internationalization in agile development from the start, eliminating your globalization technical debt.
  • Globalyzer reporting helps managers track and understand their product’s global readiness across development groups.

Globalyzer consists of:

  • Globalyzer Workbench – provides a fully functional code analysis and editing environment for finding, fixing, testing and reporting on i18n issues.
  • Globalyzer Command Line – create automated Globalyzer scans as a part of your continuous build integration so that you can report and track internationalization issues over time.
  • Globalyzer Server – helps development teams around the world share and collaborate using high powered internationalization rule-sets during scanning of code.

Globalyzer Command Line

Many globally focused technology companies realize half or more of their revenues from sales outside their home country. There are automated software checking tools for maintaining security and code efficiency. Yet time and again, we’ve seen companies subjected to iterative bug fixing and release delays when they move into localization. Globalyzer CL helps you catch those issues during development, when they’re far faster and less expensive to fix.

Command Line (CL) lets you monitor your internationalization efforts and ongoing development as a batch process so you can automatically measure internationalization status and progress over your product’s lifecycle.

You may have heard the expression, what gets measured gets done. If you want to make sure your product development will leverage your global sales and distribution channels, Globalyzer CL will help you keep your product development on a global track.

  • Globalyzer CL includes integration with ANT.
  • Custom services to help you fine tune and integrate Globalyzer CL into your development process are available.

Globalyzer Server Features

Globalyzer Server is your central portal for customizing how Globalyzer Client and Command Line will run. By centralizing project configurations, engineers get unified capabilities for internationalization efforts.

  • Create multiple users within your team
  • Create multiple rulesets for programming languages and products
  • Fine tune issue detection
  • Create filters to pinpoint results reporting
  • Share them with other people using your corporate account

Ruleset creation support for Java, C++, C#, VB, HTML, JavaScript, VBScript, Delphi, PERL, PHP and SQL.
Globalyzer Server is always used in conjunction with Globalyzer Client and Globalyzer Command Line for detection and filtering controls only. Your source code is never submitted or reviewed by the server.

Internationalization Detection

Internationalization and localization issues detection with Globalyzer - Lingoport's internationalization i18n tool

In this view: Customizing Locale-Sensitive methods to detect internationalization issues in Java

When building your rulesets on the Globalyzer Server, you can control what issues Globalyzer will detect:

  • Locale-Sensitive methods/functions and classes by programming language, platform and target character encoding
  • Programming Patterns – customizing searching for complex conditional issues
  • Embedded Strings – using highly customizable filter controls
  • Embedded Images
Globalyzer Server - Java String Literal Filters | I18n and L10n testing | Globalyzer drastically reduces over-reporting of translatable strings

In this view: customizing String Literal Filters allows the developer to focus on user visible, hard-code strings which need to be externalized.

Filtering Your Results

One of the chief objections for any code checking system is that it may trigger too many “false positive” results, overwhelming the users with too much irrelevant data. We see particular concerns with regard to string detection, as many programmatic elements can appear to be a translatable string, when they are not. Globalyzer’s regular expression powered filtering changes that.

Default filters, arranged by programming language get you started with strong accuracy. Custom filters for your particular coding implementation make the results even more finely accurate.

Lingoport also offers custom Globalyzer configuration services.

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Lingoport Dashboard

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Find internationalization (i18n) issues in your code, identify where teams need improvement and track their progress over time.

Lingoport Dashboard aggregates and displays analytics gathered from Globalyzer’s Command Line, running during automated intervals. It measures internationalization coding quality metrics to help determine if the application will support worldwide language and locale requirements.


Host Lingoport Dashboard internally and provide permissions-based i18n analytics to management and development teams.

Drill down into i18n issues


Lingoport Resource Manager

Automatically integrate localized resource files back into source code repository while monitoring progress and readiness

By automating the process between resource file localization and integration of files back into the source code repository, Lingoport Resource Manager (LRM) promises to significantly reduce interations between software development teams and localization teams. In doing so, software releases are no longer burdened with manual tracking of localized resource files. Locale-completeness is verified, missing and non-translated strings are tracked, and agile release cycles are streamlined, resulting in lesser time-sinks and localized releases that are known to be 100% complete.

  • New technology that connects localization to source code changes
  • Reduce localization release risk
  • Providing visibility between development and localization
  • View visual status of locale-readiness and monitor progress
  • Provide scalability for releases to many locales in agile cycles

About Lingoport Resource Manager


The Globalizer Product Suite Licensing Options

Express Licensing

Express licensing is the fastest way to get started. Our i18n experts set it up, configure and fine tune for you so your team gets quality results they can drill down and use quickly.

Other Packages


Implemented for many products within your company

Globalyzer Pricing

  • Pricing is based on your product size and complexity – talk to us to find out more
  • Hosting options or installations within your network
  • Optional packaging with i18n services for your software products