Webinar Recording: 10 Keys to Your Global Software Success

In this Lingoport webinar, learn strategies and methods to avert the headaches and fire-drills often associated with global software releases, and to instead achieve seamless internationalization of your software and more successful traction in global markets. Fast-growth leaders such as Google, Oracle, and Apple derive the majority of their revenue from outside of the U.S. To capitalize on the opportunity for greater growth and competitive advantage through international markets, it’s important to have the right methodology in place, fully aligned with your agile software development process.

Issues Discussed:

  • A more holistic way to calculate the ROI of your software internationalization efforts
  • Framework for more effective global software development
  • Best practices for internationalizing software
  • Methods for seamless integration of i18n and L10n with your core agile software development
  • Ways to align cross-functional teams and get everyone on the same page
  • Strategies to guide you towards efficient, visible, and scalable software internationalization

Full Webinar Recording: