Webinar Recording: 10X Globalization at FamilySearch

In this Lingoport webinar, we interview Rob Thomas, Senior Project Manager for FamilySearch, as Thomas walks you through his 10X gains in productivity and reliability in releasing applications in up to 44 languages. FamilySearch is a large site for genealogical research provided by the Church of Latter Day Saints. There are over 400 team members responsible for its development, testing, and release. Like many SaaS applications, the FamilySearch site is continuously updated.

Issues Discussed:

  • How to eliminate human delays and errors in the localization release chain
  • Matching development velocity with localization speed and predictability
  • Ensuring that localization updates don’t create a cascade of issues later
  • How to remove localization friction between the pace of development, testing and release
  • How to account and eliminate costs that are assumed, but avoidable
  • Making localization backlog and throughput visible and predictable across teams at all times

Full Webinar Recording:

Video Clip Highlights from the Webinar:

Calculating the ROI of 10,000 Engineering Hours & 30% Cost Savings
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How Automation Changes Are Perceived by Stakeholders
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Lessons Learned from Automation
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The Localization Process
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