Resource File Best Practices

One important requirement to successfully deliver continuously internationalized and localized software is to consistently use standard formatting of resource files that will be translated. Though this seems a mundane detail, the minute you consider having a localization engineer clean up files for translation processing, you lose time and money, and you possibly cause errors that could break your localized versions.

Thereā€™s absolutely no benefit to doing it wrong and everything to gain from doing it right. Yet, we see errors here, we think, from lack of understanding or mistaken approaches. Lingoport Resource Manager (LRM)Ā checks for and enumerates resource file integrity issues when files are created and passed through the system, whether to or from the translator/vendor.

This white paper describes the benefits and best practices for localization resource file creation and formatting. Whether you use our Lingoport Suite software or not, following best practices will help your teams leverage the benefits of locale frameworks and will help you work more seamlessly with localization providers.

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