Localization should be fast and easy, not a file management hassle.

Connect and Manage Localization from Your Software Repositories Without All the File Clerking, Versioning and Spreadsheet Tracking.

Lingoport Resource Manager (LRM) retrieves strings from your software repositories automatically for translation, and deploys them when complete. Set it up and it just goes.

No-touch Localization Automation Ends Developer/Localization Hassles

Lingoport Resource Manager is a localization automation system that makes translation work fly. It’s a no-touch approach that streamlines management of everything that needs to be translated, from one sprint and release to the next.

Resource Manager eliminates engineering grunt work and the need for countless emails, spreadsheets and FTP transfers going back and forth. Literally every step is automated – from the repository to the translator and back. Best of all, by eliminating human and file format errors and delays, our customers keep translation in sync with agile development. Our customers report turnaround time including human translations usually in 3 days or less, so you never fall behind! File management time, human errors and delays are eliminated. 

The Joys of Continuous Localization

Resource Manager automatically detects and moves strings from the repository to the translation vendor and back to the repository, all while tracking cleanliness of files and making sure that nothing is broken. As a result, you won’t experience issues down the line either. For international software providers, the value of this high-speed, no-hassle localization tool is immeasurable.

 Don’t turn your developers into file clerks who have to chase down files and run scripts and updates for every localization effort. Let Resource Manager automate everything for you. It’s like having a file traffic cop who keeps your whole system in line. And the best thing is – you’re able to see what’s happening every step of the way. The system integrates with Slack and Microsoft Teams.



45-Point File Check

Automation has to make the process error-free to be effective. Resource Manager performs a 45-point file verification on issues ranging from duplicate string IDs to missing curly brackets. Critical issues that will break your software are blocked from going to the translator or being merged back into the repo when received after translation. Less critical issues are alerted and tracked as well.

Automated Pseudo-localization

Continuously create and update pseudo-localized strings for your interface that let your QA teams functionally test your software without needing to speak target languages. Remember, US English is just another locale. Let your testers easily see string expansion, character set support, numerical formatting and more.

Automated Status Notifications

Process Notifications are automatically delivered via email alerts and updates in the dashboard to provide you and your team with a simplified and streamlined notification process.

Lingobot delivers fast project handling and collaboration

Lingobot lets teams use and control Resource Manager straight from Slack and Teams. Clone projects, make queries, push projects and more, quickly and easily. Share file error issues for quick correction among your teams and localization vendors.

Bridge the gap between development and localization

Make sure agile feature development isn’t bogged down with localization and avoid localization getting delayed in backlogs. Developers, translation vendors and management all benefit from the system’s built-in efficiency and transparency.

Branching and Versioning with Lingobot

Move fast, keeping localization current with new features, new repos, multiple releases and versioning. Resource Manager handles all the sequencing. 

Lingobot makes it easy to quickly clone your projects and collaborate with team members. Lingobot can run within Slack or Teams, plus there’s even a stand-alone version.

Powerful & Flexible File Support:

From json to msg to .rjs and far beyond, LRM is highly adaptable when it comes to supporting file formatting and transforms that may be specific to your formats and/or TMS. Ask us how and we’ll show you our full range of format and transform support.


Integrate i18n & L10n Continuously

Ready to get started?

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