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Shifting Left: Real-Time i18n for Global Readiness

Real-Time i18nThe focus on international software development is changing. Technology, from translation management to machine translation to localization services, has plateaued to a point that mature localization models will no longer provide a significant cost benefit. However, in the realm of internationalization, where priorities lie within development, productivity gains are overlooked in terms of how software can be optimized for localization.

“Shifting left” refers to shifting the focus from localization improvement to streamlining an i18n development process to reduce bugs and overall globalization costs. Estimates go as far to say that 50% of localization issues are in the code. We are just scratching the surface.

To learn more about the thinking behind the process of this shift left, view the webinar on Lingoport.com:

To understand the technology powering this shift, please be sure to view part two of the webinar on Lingoport.com:

A little teaser… tweets from #shiftleft

  • “Shifting left is about getting internationalisation into the software development process. #ShiftLeft #i18n” -@CiscoL10N
  • “Forget about “shift left” because the Globalyzer 4.0 client is shift of the quantum kind. #ShiftLeft #i18n” -@CiscoL10N
  • #shiftleft. “If product is two months late, with a target of $1m sales around the world, starting $250k less revenue – has to be made up.” -@adam_blau
  • “#shiftleft Globalyzer 4.0 is really a good tool that can change companies’ i18n practices.” -@gaozilla

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