Webinar: Lean Localization Innovation Webinar Series

Software localization is a widely reported friction point and is ripe for innovation. Developers usually want to focus on features while the localization team is at a disadvantage trying to keep up and have their message understood. In this 2-part webinar series, we’re going to discuss innovations and new technologies to realize a faster and […]

i18n issues infographic

A Cheatsheet Guide to i18n Gremlins (Issues)

Explore our cheatsheet infographic guide to the 5 most common i18n gremlins (issues) so you can identify the issues quickly, fix them, and prevent them in the future.

Leadership Effectiveness in Minutes a Day

Your brain is designed to run on cheap fuel. That’s not really a design flaw. It was optimal when our ancestors lived on the African Savannah. But it really gets in your way of being an optimal leader because you (and the rest of us) are in habit mode, or automatic pilot, almost all day. […]

A New Approach to Continuous Internationalization & Localization | IMUG

Our industry is ripe for a new way to deliver software internationalization and localization. Localization runs behind development, as a bolt on process. Even current continuous localization practices are built on old linguist-centric models of translation tools and handling. By nature, localization and its QA are an additional lag. Engaging input from in-country reviewers adds […]

Webinar: Localization Leadership with Loy Searle

Check out our September webinar where we interview Loy Searle, Sr. Director of Localization & InfoDev at Workday,to get an insider’s view into the future of localization and discover how to improve team efficiencies for a much faster higher quality product. Loy has a tremendous amount of knowledge and strategic insights from her experience leading […]

An Overview of The 5 Most Common i18n Gremlins

I18n Gremlins come in many nasty and disruptive forms. Maybe a concatenated or embedded string. Perhaps the date format shows up wrong or you see square boxes and gobbledegook in your user interface. They are annoying bugs for localized products that detract from your product quality for worldwide users. Typically, they are found late in […]