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What Is Localization? Definition, Benefits, Examples, Tips

Key Strategies for Managing a Localization Team in 2024

What are the key strategies for localization managers to apply in 2024? Discover them and learn how you can apply them to boost the success of your localization team."

Software Localization Best Practices: A Guide to Fixing i18n bugs

In the world of software internationalization (i18n), even a tiny bug affecting language or cultural settings can be expensive, harming both your product’s effectiveness and your company’s reputation. And the worst part is, the longer you turn a blind eye to a problem, the more it will cost you on a later stage.

Understanding Context Implications in Software Localization

Localization Trends and Expectations in 2024

In this article, we chat with a variety of experts from different areas in technology and l10n services. Together, we explored the major events of 2023 and shared our thoughts on the exciting l10n trends for 2024

How to Optimize Multilingual Web Design in Figma