Webinar: How to Engage Your Organization and Gain Critical Globalization Support

It’s surprising, but here in 2019, our industry professionals are still fighting US-Centric perspectives that see software globalization as a low priority.  There are still attitudes that US English is fine for expanding to global customers. The battle has certainly gotten easier, but it still remains. There’s also tactical friction, in that localization can seem […]

Lingoport Releases Globalyzer 6.3, Focusing i18n Detection

August 14, 2019, Boulder, CO Lingoport is pleased to announce the release of Globalyzer 6.3. Primary features include adding an easy slider interface to prioritize internationalization (i18n) issues, helping developers focus on fixing i18n problems quickly. Additionally, more string concatenation was added, as concatenations come in many forms and tend to be one of the […]

What is Pseudo-Localization?

What is Pseudo-Localization? Pseudo-localization is an effective way to test the localization-readiness of an application. By pseudo-localizing the resource files, an application can be tested for internationalization without waiting for localization. Creating pseudo-localized resource files help test for: embedded strings, text that was externalized but should not be, text expansion issues, character-encoding problems, text concatenation […]

Using Advanced Branching for Continuous Localization

Software Development Branching Before writing code, developers will first create a branch, typically from the main repository branch, such as master or develop. A branch works like a copy of the entire repository. This allows a team of developers to work in isolation and write code in an environment under their control. Once the code […]

An Interview About i18n Gremlins with Adam Asnes

As part of Lingoport’s webinar, The Most Common i18n Gremlins and How to Squash Them, we interviewed Lingoport’s own CEO, Adam Asnes to get some quick insights into i18n gremlins and how they are impacting the quality of localization.   What are i18n gremlins? Adam Asnes: I18n gremlins are bugs that create localization problems that wouldn’t […]

Webinar: The Most Common i18n Gremlins and How to Squash Them

As an i18n solutions provider, we see certain internationalization (i18n), localization (L10n), and quality assurance (QA) issues that commonly arise at many of our client organizations when they first come to us for assistance. These issues not only make for poor L10n results or worse, they can even break localized builds and be very costly […]