Webinar Video: Internationalization in Action

It can be daunting to figure out how to best approach and perform an internationalization effort on a large source code base. Do it poorly and you’re stuck in an expensive cycle of delays and sub-par localization results. Consequently, you may also delay or miss out on budgeted revenue from foreign target markets.

As part of this webinar recording, Lingoport President and CEO Adam Asnes will use an open source code base as an example, and evaluate the programmatic elements of the application that are affected by locale requirements. Adam will comb through the code using Globalyzer, Lingoport’s software internationalization tool, to find and externalize internationalization issues.

The Business Why and How of Simship

The subject of managing releases over worldwide markets can be a contentious one, with pros and cons on either side of business and development cases. The concept of simship is that if you are releasing your product to worldwide markets, you do it all at once rather than first releasing to your home market and then following with localized versions later.

What If Internationalization Expectations Exceed Your Budget? – Significantly

If you’re considering internationalizing a large and complex software product, there’s one thing you should be prepared for: it’s expensive. There’s just no way around it if you want an application that properly presents, inputs, transforms and reports complex data.

Innovation, Rejection and Overcoming Pitfalls

We pay a great deal of attention to innovation and sing its praises. But actually the road to creation, improvement and acceptance is messy and full of pitfalls. Innovation is often hard to recognize and to assign value, at first. More often than not, its introduction doesn’t live up to everyone’s expectations. But still it […]

Internationalization ROI

It’s easy to get agreement that revenues beyond a company’s home country market are important. If you look at some of the great global US brands, you’ll find that global revenues are 50% or even greater than 65% of their gross. While much has been made of measuring the return on investment for

Building a Site for Worldwide Customers

The world is yours, or at least that’s the promise e-commerce offers. Get your products, services or information online and you can gain customers anywhere. It can be challenging, though, to build an active worldwide customer base that buys and comes back for more.