New Lingoport Suite Release: InContext Translation & QA

Boulder, CO May 21, 2019 – Lingoport releases InContext Translation & QA along with it’s new Lingoport Suite releases. A picture helps a translator use the right words. InContext Translation presents translators with contextual views of software so that their efforts are visually supported. Software application translation is particularly challenging as the translator is presented […]

An Interview About Continuous Localization with Vistatec’s CSO, Unn Villius

As part of Lingoport and Vistatec’s webinar, A 360 Degree View of Continuous Localization, we interviewed Unn Villius, CSO of Vistatec, to get some quick insights into the state of agile localization as well as other related topics discussed during the webinar on May 16th, 2019.     Lingoport: Since setting up US operations at […]

360 Degree View of Localization

Webinar: A 360 Degree View of Continuous Localization

Check out our webinar recording, “A 360 Degree View of Continuous Localization,” and learn how to achieve visibility between development and localization for faster, more accurate localization in alignment with your sprints. It Takes Tech, Process and People     Visibility’s Impact on Global Agility When each contributor on your global team has visibility into project […]

Pseudo-localization to Detect Software Issues Early

Detect Software Issues Early Using Pseudo-localization

You’re releasing software in multiple languages for 6 markets. You get back your localized files and get ready for release. But now, at this late stage, you’ve discovered issues. Some of your interface is still in English. Perhaps dates are still showing up in a US-centric format? Perhaps the translations aren’t displaying properly because there […]

Webinar: The New Game Changer for Agile Localization – InContext

Check out the recording of our webinar, “The New Game Changer for Agile Localization – InContext,” and learn how to gain speed and accuracy using an innovative approach to context for software localization through Lingoport InContext. The Most Requested Feature is Now Here A critical software challenge is that translators get lists of words in […]

Software Localization ROI Calculations

Calculating Software Localization Costs and Savings Using LRM

We’ve created a simple online calculator to estimate your hidden localization costs as well as the potential savings you can achieve with Lingoport Resource Manager’s (LRM) continuous localization benefits. The calculator is not intended to be perfect, but it should help you consider the cost principles involved. Try the Lingoport Resource Manager ROI Calculator. Reasons […]