Talia Baruch

A Smarter Approach to Global Growth

On July 25th, 2018, Lingoport hosted a webinar focused on product strategies for enhancing successful global expansion. The webinar featured special guest Talia Baruch, Founder of Yewser, which helps companies maximize international expansion, accelerating global growth to win adoption in new markets. Talia integrates the cultural and regional factors in product strategy to optimize for […]

Global Product Strategy Playbook

New Webinar: The Global Product Strategy Playbook of Leading Brands

There are some remarkable and outspoken leaders in our industry. I admire that they have made Localization shine at leading global technology companies, in the face of some powerful initial resistance. An Industry Veteran Driving Global Product and New Market Business Growth On July 25th, Lingoport will be hosting a webinar that brings one such […]

The Happy Path

Achieving the Happy Path: The Transformation of i18n and L10n for Agile Development

The internationalization (i18n) and localization (L10n) happy path for software development brings i18n and L10n features and requirements of a sprint or release together with no exceptional errors and no organizational friction. That is a bit of a twist on the Happy Path term used in QA, but I’m appropriating and bending as there’s no […]

HTML and JavaScript

The Ultimate Guide to JavaScript i18n

Why It’s Important to Internationalize Your JavaScript Internationalization (i18n) is the process of preparing software so that it supports local languages and cultural settings. In other words, JavaScript i18n is the process of making your JavaScript application localization-ready. An internationalized product supports the requirements of local markets around the world, functioning more appropriately based on […]

i18n Summer Reading

Top 5 i18n Summer Reading Picks

Perhaps you’re feeling a tad guilty about reading that tawdry novel while on the beach? Here’s some highlighted reading from our globalization archives that will balance things out for you: 1) The Fastest Growing Global Markets of 2018 Around vacation time everyone likes thinking about travel. There’s no better time to review which of the […]

Next-Generation In-Context QA Webinar

New Webinar: Next Generation In-Context QA

Watch Lingoport’s webinar, Next Generation In-Context QA, and learn about our new InContext QA product, which helps your team eliminate the frustration of linguistic QA for agile global software releases. Webinar Date/Time Date: June 26, 2018 Time: 9am Pacific | 12pm Eastern | 17:00 CET Duration: 30 minutes, plus audience Q&A Linguistic QA The de […]