What If Internationalization Expectations Exceed Your Budget? – Significantly

If you’re considering internationalizing a large and complex software product, there’s one thing you should be prepared for: it’s expensive. There’s just no way around it if you want an application that properly presents, inputs, transforms and reports complex data.

Innovation, Rejection and Overcoming Pitfalls

We pay a great deal of attention to innovation and sing its praises. But actually the road to creation, improvement and acceptance is messy and full of pitfalls. Innovation is often hard to recognize and to assign value, at first. More often than not, its introduction doesn’t live up to everyone’s expectations. But still it […]

Internationalization ROI

It’s easy to get agreement that revenues beyond a company’s home country market are important. If you look at some of the great global US brands, you’ll find that global revenues are 50% or even greater than 65% of their gross. While much has been made of measuring the return on investment for

Building a Site for Worldwide Customers

The world is yours, or at least that’s the promise e-commerce offers. Get your products, services or information online and you can gain customers anywhere. It can be challenging, though, to build an active worldwide customer base that buys and comes back for more.

Unicode Primer

Concept When developing software that is to be used in multiple languages, it is essential to support a character set that will render any character. Unicode, a standard for representing text of all the world’s writing systems fills this void, allowing for full character support and workable software in all languages. In this 4-minute video, […]

Worldware Conference Summary – Not as Good as Being There

In March I attended and presented at the first Worldware Conference, which took place in Santa Clara, California in the heart of Silicon Valley. I became really excited about this conference as it proved to be the first to directly target business issues around software internationalization and globalization. Too often in other conferences, the focus […]