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Software Globalization that’s Agile and Easy

Lingoport Suite empowers over 300,000 developers to integrate i18n and L10n into every sprint.

Reach global customers with software that works elegantly in every language and cultural format.


Automate i18n detection & fixes. No L10n file clerking from repo to translation and back.


Know your status, share with teams because what gets measured, improves.


See it, drill down to issues. Real time status updates allow the team to pinpoint next-steps instantly.


Coordinate and collaborate i18n & L10n directly from your IDE, or through Slack.

The Platform

The Lingoport product suite

Kill the chaos typically found in global software development. Eliminate manual spreadsheets, rework and globalization backlogs without proxies or libraries.

Globalyzer, Localyzer and Localyzer QA work together to support i18n, L10n and QA. See your timely globalization data centralized on the Lingoport Suite Dashboard.

Find and fix i18n bugs early

Reach worldwide customers with software that’s built to be global. Globalyzer offers the easiest and fastest way to ensure your software is internationalized and ready for global users.

Find and fix i18n bugs during development from within IDEs, check-in/pull requests or run daily against your repositories. Avoid costly i18n QA bug fixing iterations and create better global-ready software in every sprint and release.

Translation from every sprint and repo should be fast and easy, not a project management mess. Drastically reduce localization turnaround time, while improving accuracy and eliminating tedious file clerking. Remove the developer burden of localization.

For Translation: LocalyzerQA delivers context so that translators can accurately deliver agile localization. There’s no proxies or framework changes needed by your developer teams.

For QA: Simplify the complex and awkward process of linguistic quality reviews. LocalyzerQA lets your teams review and update translations with a simple click from within your application’s interface. Super simple, super easy!


Bring your development and localization teams into seamless alignment


Globalization should match agility. Track i18n & L10n status and progress in each sprint.


5 languages or 50, no sweat! Drill down, assign and manage issues. Update for new locales fast, with no manual tracking needed.

Billions of Lines of Code Scanned

Some of the largest and best known technology companies turn to Lingoport Suite to keep their products ready for the world.

Global companies

Global revenues are important. Product development for the world should be easy to track, measure and verify.


Make it easy for global stakeholders to work together, provide input and rapidly implement i18n, L10n and QA for every repo, feature and release.