Release globalized software on time in every sprint. Integrate internationalization
and localization with development. No globalization backlogs!

You Create Awesome Software.
We Help You Bring It to the World.

Lingoport Suite is your operating system for exceptional global software, empowering more than 300,000 developers to release software in global markets successfully.

  • Kill the chaos typically found in global software development. Eliminate manual spreadsheets, rework and globalization backlogs. Achieve 10X efficiency gains.
  • Stop getting lost in the black hole of software internationalization (i18n) and localization status. Visibility brings your teams into alignment.
  • Eliminate error-prone manual processes. Automatically find, fix and manage internationalization issues and localization changes in your source code and repositories.
  • Integrate with translation management systems and localization vendors for rapid development, testing and deployment.
  • Work with Slack? Perfect, so does Lingoport Suite.
  • Continue developing the way you already do – no proprietary proxies or libraries you’ll outgrow.
  • Works behind your firewall, keeping your source code secure.
  • Over 1 billion lines of code scanned.

Access the Sandbox

The Lingoport Suite Sandbox includes our hosted Dashboard, Globalyzer, and Resource Manager to analyze sample source code within our GitHub Sandbox repository. No registration required.

Three integrated components to create & maintain software

for any language or cultural format in every sprint.


Find and fix internationalization (i18n) issues that inhibit localization and global user experience during development. Catch up on i18n technical debt.

Lingoport Dashboard

The hub of our suite. See it all, drill down, create notifications and manage the process. Bridge gaps between localization & development. Increase visibility and track globalization metrics.

Lingoport Resource Manager

Make localization proactive. Detect & manage changes to resource files in your source code. Streamline translation jobs. Automate localization updates between development and translation.

Automate change detection and export resource files for localization. Verify and integrate localized files back into the source code.

LRM saves your team so many hours, where do we begin in describing the benefits?

  • Eliminate error-prone, tedious, manual processes that slow down localization and make you want to tear your hair out
  • Verify locale-completeness and track missing or non-translated strings, eliminating fire drills and drastically reducing your blood pressure
  • Work the way you normally work! Only solution in the market that incorporates collaboration via Slack.
  • Scale for releases to many locales in agile cycles, and leave your competition in the dust
  • Save thousands of engineering hours, giving your team more time to binge watch Game of Thrones

Lingoport Resource Manager

Automatically integrate localized resource files back into source code repository while monitoring progress and readiness

The Amazing ROI of 10,000 Engineering Hours Saved

Calculating the ROI of 10,000 Engineering Hours Saved

Enabling Developers to Avoid Chasing Down Files

The Impact of Automation Changes on the Team

Rob Thomas, Sr. Project Manager, FamilySearch

LRM Automation Enabling You to Scale & Scale & Scale

Lessons Learned from Implementing Automation

The Lingoport Suite’s tracking of our resource files has been outstanding. Prior to Lingoport our translation was not tracked very well and our visibility across the organization was certainly less than ideal. We have done some customer integration and now we have everything automated and on the dashboard, which is beautiful, clear and brings together internationalization, localization and our development activities.

Lucio Gutierrez Software Architect & Developer Intuit

Globalyzer LogoFind and fix internationalization (i18n) issues in source code including: embedded strings, locale-sensitive methods/functions/classes (e.g. date/time, number formatting, collation, encoding and more),  custom programming patterns and static files.

Globalyzer Server

Customize how Workbench, Lite and Command Line will run. By centralizing project configurations, engineers get unified capabilities for internationalization efforts.

  • Create multiple hierarchical rule sets for programming languages and teams
  • Fine tune issue detection with comprehensive filters
  • Your source code is never submitted or reviewed by the server.

Globalyzer Command Line

Automatically monitor internationalization using static analysis to measure internationalization issues and progress over your product’s lifecycle.

  • Includes integration with ANT and other systems

Globalyzer Workbench

A fully functional code analysis and editing environment for finding, fixing, testing and reporting on internationalization issues in a wide variety of programming languages. Used by i18n team leads. 

Globalyzer Lite

A lightweight Globalyzer client intended for developers to check their day’s efforts before committing to the source repository.

  • Lite can be launched automatically as part of a code review process.
  • Run manually by the developer within popular IDE’s

Two days spent crafting Globalyzer filters has
avoided 7,650 internationalisation defects. Now that is ROI!

Gary Lefman Internationalisation Architect Cisco

Find internationalization (i18n) issues in your code, identify where teams need improvement and track their progress over time.

Command Central for your global success! Lingoport Dashboard displays Globalyzer and Resource Manager analytics, helping you to seamlessly release your global software and achieve greater success in local markets.

  • You’re no longer in the dark. Visibility brings your development and localization teams into seamless alignment.
  • Be agile. Visually track status and progress, supporting each sprint.
  • Whether you manage 5 languages or 50, no sweat! Drill down, assign and manage issues.
  • Automate notifications.

Lingoport Product Suite Licensing Options

Express Services

  • Fastest way to get started
  • Our team assists with installation
  • Get help on rule set fine tuning and configuration


  • Based on your product size and complexity – talk to us to find out more
  • Hosting options or install within your network
  • Subscription model is easy on your budget

Additional Services

  • Combine with i18n assessment, design and consulting services to help your teams tackle internationalization of legacy systems and technical debt
  • Integrate with translation management systems and workflow

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