Internationalization & Localization That’s Always-on and Fits Any Budget

Go Global at the Speed of Development

Get the power and customer reach of continuous internationalization and localization in a simple solution
that connects seamlessly with GitHub.

Our Express line takes Lingoport’s suite of software and integrates core capabilities with GitHub to bring developers instant access to 71 languages, all integrated with the way they already work. I18n static analysis, always-on machine translation plus quick translation review. Linguistic review is right in context, for accuracy and your application specific terminology.There’s no reason to hold back on delivering localized software. It’s that easy.

Internationalization is your gateway. When you internationalize, you can localize. Globalyzer Express will scan your commits and report on any internationalization issues you may have introduced. These include embedded strings, concatenations, locale-limiting methods, blocking programming patterns and static files. It’s fast and easy to internationalize if you perform the work as you go. It’s tuned for popular programming languages including JavaScript, Java, C#, and much more. Use it and be ready for the world.

A few clicks and you’ll have the power of automated translation at your fingertips. Developers never have to wait for translated files, juggle files or hassle with last minute changes. Localyzer Express automatically detects your U/I strings, pulls them for translation and delivers those translations right back to your repo for automated deployment. It’s addictive to see your application quickly delivered in your choice of languages.

Worried that automated translations will cause trouble? Don’t be. We’ve combined the latest in machine translation with a simple way for your team to update the translations quickly and easily using LocalyzerQA.

What if you could just review your latest feature or page and ask linguists to quickly update the translations right in context, in your app? That’s what LocalyzerQA delivers. Used together with Localyzer, translation reviewers from localization service providers, distributors or agents can quickly review and update translations. It’s so crazy easy, you’ll wonder why it hasn’t always been done this way. There’s no magic libraries, limited proxies or .js inclusions – just your code.

Agile Localization that’s fluid, fast and easy on the budget.

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