Figma integration to Localyzer

Preview and adapt your multilingual designs without leaving Figma.


See how your design will look in all target locales and refine it before the transition to development.


Make multilingual design faster with automation and MT. No need to upload files, you can get translated content without leaving Figma. Use Machine Translation engines and let your designer get the translation faster.


Move the content automatically to translation and back. Designers can send the strings for translation with one click right from Figma and get the notifications when translated content is sent back. All happens automatically.

Ready to try?

Figma&Localyzer plugin makes the collaboration between designers, localization and developers team painless and efficient.

can see design in all languages right away and quickly adapt it.
receive the design for all locales that are ready for coding and free from design-related i18n bugs.
Loc Managers
can easily manage translations in Figma using automation, MT and integrations with their TMS or translation vendor.

MT engines supported

Amazon Translate


Google Translate

AWS Translate

How to connect Figma and Localyzer

Frequently Asked Questions

You can try Localyzer Express for free by connecting to it via the GitHub Marketplace, or reach out to us if you need something further. Globalyzer Express has restricted functionality (Up to 25 commits/ pull requests, no customization of rule sets), but it will show you how you can detect i18n issues during development. If you want to see the full Globalyzer in action, you can schedule a demo with our team and they will run a detailed guide tour for you and will answer any questions you might have.

All Lingoport products offer licensing choices ranging from cloud hosting, private cloud installation and on-premise installation. Your choice with subscription based pricing. Contact a Lingoport team member to discuss your needs.

Customers pay for Globalyzer through an annual subscription. The subscription price is based on the value it brings to the organization. Large enterprise level customers with hundreds of software developers and millions of lines of code will pay a higher subscription fee than a small startup company with only a few developers.  Schedule a call with our team to find your price. Be ready to provide the number of people in development and/or the number of lines of code.