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Globalyzer Makes It Easy:

i18n Issue Detection:

Globalyzer lets you scan to detect i18n issues so developers can fix them quickly. There are four major categories of issues you detect:

Catch Internationalization Bugs Early

It’s time to give your development team the quality feedback they need to write internationalized applications with ease. Globalyzer lets your developers see internationalization (i18n) issues in their development environments, as they write or review code. It also analyzes entire repositories and checks for i18n issues during pull requests.

Don’t wait until localization testing to find i18n bugs you could squash quickly and easily during development. There’s simply no better tool than Globalyzer to create global-ready software with every sprint and release.


Automating the Way Your Developers Identify i18n Issues

Globalyzer simplifies the way you create software for global users. It allows you to put out great products that reflect the quality standards of your brand.

Globalyzer is made for developers by developers. Our team understands the headaches i18n challenges can cause.We grew as a company by fixing i18n issues as a service. That’s why we built products that work in a developer’s environment – one that lets you simplify the way you take on challenges like concatenations, embedded strings, bad date formats and locale-sensitive formatting. It’s a great way to make sure your release gets out on time and on budget with the quality global users appreciate.

Leading and upcoming globally-focused software companies choose Globalyzer to scale i18n for new and legacy product development.

i18n Code Scanning that Eliminates the Bugs Before They Bite

Globalyzer helps your team run scans that find i18n bugs in your software – problems that will pile up and continue to get worse if you don’t address them early on. Globalyzer shows i18n issues in developer IDEs, so you can fix issues quickly at the earliest and most efficient time. Your team also gets a dashboard that provides complete visibility into your software i18n across repositories and multiple products. And for more high-powered challenges, the Globalyzer Workbench provides a fully functional code analysis environment for scanning refinement, finding, fixing, testing and reporting on i18n issues in a wide variety of program languages.

“Revolutionize the way you take on challenges like concatenations, embedded strings, corrupted characters, bad date formats and locale-sensitive formatting.”

Integrate i18n & L10n Continuously

Extensive Programming Language i18n Support

All of Globalyzer programming language rulesets come with extensive defaults that are fast and easy to extend and customize. Detection and filtering can also be managed via machine learning.

Need i18n for another programming language?

Additional programming languages are supported via Lingoport’s Professional Services.

Or perhaps you need a hand with i18n consulting for planning and implementation?

Globalyzer’s key components

Globalyzer Lite (in IDE)

Lets your development team see i18n issues within popular IDEs, so that they can find and fix i18n issues in their everyday work. Globalyzer Lite can also run automatically during pull requests or against repositories for continuous analysis over time. Results are displayed in Lingoport’s fully featured dashboard. TFS, Subversion


Provides a feature-rich, power-user code analysis and editing environment for finding, fixing, testing and reporting on i18n issues in a wide variety of programming languages. Use the Workbench to customize i18n detection including machine learning, externalize strings even in batches, check Resource Bundles and generate reports as needed.

Globalyzer Server

Allows your development teams around the world to share and collaborate together using high powered and extensible internationalization rule sets for scanning source code. Rule sets contain i18n detection and filtering rules for programming languages like JavaScript, Java or C#.

Lingoport Dashboard

All Lingoport Suite products include integrated reporting within our dashboard showing top level issue counts, issue drill downs, issue management and timeline tracking.


Interact with Lingoport Suite products from chat environments such as Slack and Teams.

Globalyzer CI/CD

Continuously measure i18n automatically in every sprint and release, so you find, measure and eliminate i18n issues.


All Lingoport Suite products offer licensing choices ranging from cloud hosting, private cloud installation and on-premise installation. Your choice with subscription based pricing. Contact a Lingoport team member to discuss your needs.

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