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Find i18n issues in your code.
Easy and automated.

Why it’s important to catch i18n bugs on time

Finding bugs early and fixing them early is way more efficient (read cheaper) than finding and fixing them later on the software lifecycle. Everyone involved throughout this process, from engineers to QA to managers know it.

Cost Efficiency

Better User Experience

If users encounter localization issues, such as poorly translated text or incorrect date and number formats, it can make the product difficult or confusing to use. This can lead to user frustration and reduced satisfaction with the product.

Proper localization is key to success in international markets. If i18n bugs are not caught and fixed, they can hinder the product’s success in new markets, limiting its growth and profitability.

Market Expansion & ROI

Brand Reputation

Mistakes in localization can reflect poorly on the brand, giving the impression that the company does not care about or respect users in the affected regions. This can damage the company’s reputation and customer relationships.

Some countries have regulations regarding the localization of software, such as requirements for language, date format, etc. Not catching i18n bugs can result in legal issues and fines.

Legal compliance

With Globalyzer Developers Can Detect i18n Issues and Prevent Them from turning into bugs

See precisely where the i18n bugs are during development

Find i18n issues and fix them before they become bugs. Globalyzer automatically scans the code regularly and find bugs within four major categories: 

Computer graphic with magnifying glass illustrating bugs in code

Flexible rules to identify i18n issues

All of Globalyzer programming language rulesets come with extensive defaults which can be customized to your specific implementation.

Access i18n Analysis Within Commits and Pull Requests

Analysis is performed as soon as source code is modified. Globalyzer identifies i18n issues, enabling developers to discuss and implement fixes. 

Track the progress

All Lingoport products include integrated reporting within our Command Center showing issue counts, issue drill downs, issue management, progress and history timeline tracking.

Want to see how it works?

Works with Leading IDEs

and many more

Integrated with your repository

Supports 16+ programming languages And you can extend to more


C++ (with variants)









Python 3

SQL (with variants)

Swift 2

VB (with variants)


XML (and MXML)


Frequently Asked Questions

Customers pay for Globalyzer through an annual subscription. The subscription price is based on the value it brings to the organization. Large enterprise level customers with hundreds of software developers and millions of lines of code will pay a higher subscription fee than a small startup company with only a few developers.  Schedule a call with our team to find  out your price. Be ready to provide the number of people in development and/or the number of lines of code.

You can try Globalyzer Express for free by connecting to it via the GitHub Marketplace, or reach out to us if you need something further. Globalyzer Express has restricted functionality (up to 25 commits/ pull requests, no customization of rule sets), but it will show you how you can detect i18n issues during development. If you want to see the full Globalyzer in action, you can schedule a demo with our team and they will run a detailed guide tour for you and will answer any questions you might have.

Lingoport products offer cloud, private cloud, and on-premise installation. You can choose the one that best suits your company security and IT requirements.

Check here to see if your programming languages are supported and released today.  Globalyzer is constantly evolving so if you don’t see your favorite programming language send us an email here (support@lingoport.com) and we will let you know what options might be available.

For more detailed FAQs on the product please check this page on our wiki: https://wiki.lingoport.com/Globalyzer_FAQ

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