A New Approach to Improving Translation Quality and Speed

Easy and Fast

Translation is accurate with context

With LocalyzerQA, translators can navigate your U/I and latest features and quickly make changes. Assign reviewers, check changes and update the translations with a click of a button. No help from a developer needed either.


Get weeks of linguistic QA and software updates done in just hours

QA for localization and the resulting updates often lag far behind releases. The extra time and cumbersome steps needed to deal with screenshots and bug reports and track down changes invariably cause delays. It’s no wonder Linguistic QA updates get thrown into backlogs. LocalyzerQA makes the process of finding and fixing issues much faster. It cuts down Linguistic QA processes from 20 steps to three efficient actions. As your reviewers navigate through your application, they simply:

Context that Works Everywhere

Using the combined power of Localyzer and its connection to source code, we are able to achieve fast reviews and updates that are unique in our industry.

We’ve made it simple and solved a puzzle that has challenged software translation for years. It’s even patented.

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The Power of Context

A challenging problem with software translations and Linguistic QA is that translators and reviewers only have short strings or screen shots to work with and – in complex web, mobile, desktop or console applications – little context. They can’t see how a particular string is being used, which can drastically affect their word choice. LocalyzerQA solves this problem by providing context and a fast system for updating translations right from your application screens.

There are no proprietary proxies, JavaScript additions or DevOps projects needed. No changes need to be made to your code. Zero developer impact makes it easy to scale across teams.

Integrate i18n & L10n Continuously


All Lingoport Suite products offer licensing choices ranging from cloud hosting, private cloud installation and on-premise installation. Your choice with subscription based pricing. Contact a Lingoport team member to discuss your needs.

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