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Seamless Linguistic QA for software products in just three steps 

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Get Weeks of LQA and Software Updates Done In Just Hours

Linguistic QA often faces delays due to cumbersome steps with screenshots and bug reports. LocalyzerQA streamlines this, reducing the process from 20 steps to just 3, as reviewers navigate your application.

Graphic showing process from 1. Navigate your application; 2. Click on the words you want to change; 3. Enter the change in LocalyzerQA; 4. Submit for approval; 5. Boom! It's done. No engineering needed.

Get Accuracy And Quality With Better Context

Translators and reviewers face challenges in software translations and Linguistic QA due to limited context from short strings or screenshots. This can drastically affect their word choice in complex applications. LocalyzerQA provides the needed context, allowing fast updates right from application screens.

Get Flexibility and Zero Developer Impact for Seamless Operations

Experience a hassle-free integration with our solution. Without the need for proprietary proxies, JavaScript additions, or DevOps interventions, there’s absolutely no disruption to your code or workflow. Prioritize developer efficiency and team scalability, all while ensuring compatibility. Our solution is tailored for easy connectivity, seamlessly aligning with any TMS, Translation vendor, or MT platform you’re accustomed to.

Now your Translators can navigate your UI and latest features and quickly make changes
Now your Loc Managers can assign reviewers, check changes and update the translations with a click of a button
Now your Developers can relax and focus on coding instead of updating and fixing translation corrections!

No more linguistic bugs that take forever to fix!

Frequently Asked Questions

You can try Localyzer Express for free by connecting to it via the GitHub Marketplace, or reach out to us if you need something further. Globalyzer Express has restricted functionality (Up to 25 commits/ pull requests, no customization of rule sets), but it will show you how you can detect i18n issues during development. If you want to see the full Globalyzer in action, you can schedule a demo with our team and they will run a detailed guide tour for you and will answer any questions you might have.

All Lingoport products offer licensing choices ranging from cloud hosting, private cloud installation and on-premise installation. Your choice with subscription based pricing. Contact a Lingoport team member to discuss your needs.

Customers pay for Globalyzer through an annual subscription. The subscription price is based on the value it brings to the organization. Large enterprise level customers with hundreds of software developers and millions of lines of code will pay a higher subscription fee than a small startup company with only a few developers.  Schedule a call with our team to find your price. Be ready to provide the number of people in development and/or the number of lines of code.

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