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  • Internationalization (i18n)
  • Globalization (g11n)
  • Accessibility (a11y)

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i18n Implementation‚Äč

Expand Your Development Team with i18n Developers and Specialists

Focus on your global expansion goals while your development teams dedicate their efforts to new products and features. Utilize Lingoport’s specialized i18n services to supplement or assume full responsibility for your internationalization tasks, ensuring streamlined global progress.

Services include:

  • Internationalization architectural consulting.
  • Testing design.
  • Targeted development tasks.
  • Ongoing development advisory service.
  • Fixing software internationalization technical debt.
  • All phases of i18n work including pseudo-localization and other testing (optional).

Why our customers choose this service:

Taking an existing software that has not been internationalized can be quite a big and resource-intensive task. Customers choose Lingoport i18n implementation services for turnkey i18n enabling legacy code, or to expand dev teams with additional i18n specialist resources as they take on the effort internally.