Reach Globalization Objectives with Expert Services

Implementation: apply the best practices to create your perfect i18n code

If you are looking to enhance your developers’ expertise, reduce the risk of i18n bugs, support your global expansion,   or allow your developers to focus entirely on building new products, our wide range of services can be of assistance at this stage.

i18n Implementation

Expand Your Development Team with i18n Developers and  Specialists

You have big global expansion goals and want your development teams to concentrate on building new products and features and you need i18n expert resources to augment or take over the i18n work.

Your challenges:

  • you need to meet your global release goals 
  • your dev team is not experienced enough to internationalize your software
  • your dev team does not have the bandwidth for i18n

Your solution: i18n Implementation Specialists

  • Internationalization architectural consulting
  • Testing design
  • Targeted development tasks
  • Ongoing development advisory service
  • Fix software internationalization technical debt
  • All phases of i18n work including pseudo-localization and other testing (optional)

i18n Testing

Avoid Late-Phase Localization Issues with L10n Readiness Testing

Your dev team already performs i18n and you want to minimize the risk of identifying i18n bugs in later stages when fixing them is more costly rather than finding them prior to localization(L10n).      

Your challenges:

  • lack of deep i18n knowledge or dev resources to identify and fix remaining i18n issues early on 
  • dev resources are often interrupted to fix i18n bugs  instead of working on new features
  • localization errors that you find on a later stages costs you more time and money than if you find them during development 

Solution: L10n Readiness Testing and Remediation

  • static analysis of the software code
  • pseudo-localization testing
  • verifies the L10n readiness of software code
  • identifies  any remaining i18n issues prior to l10n start
  • i18n problems fixed and dev team’s load is decreased

UI Localization Services

Accelerate Your Global Delivery Experience with Continuous UI Localization Services

Your challenges:

  • UI strings are not translated and reviewed immediately

  • your source content requires manual work to send to translation 

  • you still use a waterfall approach to localization instead of continuous localization 

  • no integration with the Translation Management System (TMS)s or Machine Translation (MT) 


  • UI strings translated and reviewed in context

  • Source content sent continuously to human translation, machine translation, or both

  • Integrated processes with TMS and/or MT Systems

  • Access to our partner localization providers

Technology Support

Customize and Optimize Lingoport Technology with Lingoport Tech Support and Professional Services

You want to optimize Lingoport products ( Globalyzer, Localyzer etc) to your needs but you don’t have the human resources to complete this task. We can quickly help you tune and customize the suite of Lingoport products so that you are up and running with refined results quickly.

Here is what our services engineers  will do: 

  • Customize the configuration of the Lingoport Suite in your environment
  • Optimize localization and translation processes based on your specific needs
  • Adapt scanning rule sets to your project’s needs
  • Utilize automated transforms from one format to another
  • Educate engineers on filtering false positives using Globalyzer
  • Integrate with translation management systems, machine translation systems, source control, workflow management and more

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