Expert Services for Software Localization

  • Internationalization (i18n)
  • Globalization (g11n)
  • Accessibility (a11y)

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Technology Support

Customize Configuration of the Lingoport Suite in your Environment

Optimize Lingoport products (Globalyzer, Localyzer, etc.) to meet your specific needs without straining your human resources. Contact us to swiftly customize and fine-tune our suite of products, ensuring you achieve refined results and are operational quickly.

Service includes:

  • Optimization of localization and translation processes tailored to your specific needs.
  • Adaptation of scanning rule sets to meet your project’s requirements.
  • Utilization of automated transforms from one format to another.
  • Education for engineers on filtering false positives using Globalyzer.
  • Integration with translation management systems, machine translation systems, source control, workflow management, and more.

Why our customers choose this service::

Lingoport Globalyzer and Localyzer technologies can be configured and optimized for each customer’s specific needs.¬† Lingoport professional services engineers have the knowledge and expertise to complete such tasks efficiently saving customer technical teams time and internal costs.