Software Localization: Let It Boost Your Business, Not Burden It

If software localization is an afterthought in your organization, consider your product an afterthought as well. Software localization adapts software to apply to a particular locale. It is the key to globalizing your product/services. Learn how LocalyzerQA boosts your business and brings development and localization together.

How to prevent localization from clogging up your feature releases 

Proper QA (quality assurance) is of the utmost importance for software localization (L10n), but so is time. Translation usually occurs after source codes are set and developers have moved on to the next project. Linguistics QA updates get shifted into backlog, causing delays and cumbersome steps to the globalization process. 

These steps drastically slow feature releases and cause friction between your DevOps and localization managers. How do you globalize like a pro without affecting your sprint release, team mentality, and workload?

The answer is LocalyzerQA – it’s like the Grammarly of globalization. Like Grammarly, LocalyzerQA enhances your final product, making it applicable to audiences everywhere. LocalyzerQA makes globalization a seamless and efficient process. 

Less Time, Better Globalization

LocalyzerQA accelerates the process of finding and fixing your linguistic errors. What used to take 20 steps has been reduced to three simple steps:

  1. Navigate the user interface through LocalyzerQA and click on the words you want to change 
  2. Enter your changes in the application using LocalyzerQA
  3. Submit for approval

Once files are approved, the TMS and files are automatically updated. LocalyzerQA works with the leading TMS plus Trados. LocalyzerQA removes developers from the translation process, giving them more time to develop.

Translators receive direct access to the application to execute linguistic edits with the click of a button. 

Context is King

Choosing the proper translation becomes difficult when translators only view short strings or screenshots. Providing access to the entire context ensures accurate translation and prevents embarrassing mistakes. Context becomes king when it comes to translation. 

Imagine a translator tasked with translating the word “run” but not knowing the context.  A Readers Digest article shares how Oxford English Dictionary editors discovered the word “run” boasts 645 different meanings in the English language. 

Phrases such as run a bath, run for mayor, run a fever could be recipes for disaster if translated out of context. You could mistakenly tell consumers to walk quickly for a bath, move fast for a mayor or hurriedly move with a fever.  

LocalyzerQA provides translators the full context needed to translate well by allowing access to the U/I:

  • No more proxies –remove the layer between the translator and the U/I
  • Eliminate JavaScript snippets – translators have direct access to the U/I to make edits
  • Prevent changing the software to accommodate linguistic errors 

Improve team dynamics while nailing globalization

LocalyzerQA makes translating easy and a top priority without dragging down developers. LocalyzerQA is a solid solution to globalizing your product/services with continuous localization, real-time edits, and removing developers from the process. Schedule a LocalyzerQA Demo today and discover how we simplify globalization.


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Adam Asnes
Adam Asnes is the Founder and CEO of Lingoport, the industry leader in software internationalization products and services.
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