Software Localization Thriving In a DevOps World

Did you miss our webinar on the importance of localization automation in a DevOps world? 

Localization automation must become a priority‚Ķ 

– if global growth is on your radar

– when streamlining workflows to meet feature release deadlines 

– to increase efficiency and prevent bugs late in a sprint

According to the AMA (American Marketing Association), sixty-two percent of companies view the content localization process as too manual.  Manual localization processes slow feature releases, weigh down developers, and more importantly, slows cultural expansion. 

In this informative webinar, Lingoport and Lingotek partnered together to share their combined technologies and software (including Globalyzer, Localyzer, and Localyzer QA) and how they provide automated internationalization and continuous localization that speeds up feature releases while leveraging DevOps automation.

Automation of localization updates and bug detection may not be a top priority for all involved in DevOps, but it significantly affects feature release cadence if not adequately handled. 

Development should not have to wait for localization, and localization teams need developers to write code that‚Äôs well internationalized. 

Discover how to automate better and integrate machine translation and services that prevent i18n and L10n bugs BEFORE they become part of your backlog. This can happen while avoiding manual processes around localization files and taking advantage of instant localization delivery. 

In our patented approach, the system also makes localization QA updates highly streamlined for in-context editing accuracy. This sophisticated automation provides speed and efficiency without sacrificing U/I translation quality.

Watch our 6/24 webinar and learn about our revolutionary software that provides true continuous translation.

Who should watch: 

  • Localization Managers
  • Globalization Architects
  • Product Managers
  • Development Managers
  • Those interested in joining software globalization with development. 

Webinar Discussion Points:

  • How to match the speed of development iterations with new approaches to automation
  • How to automate L10n when the amount of repos and files is exploding in scope
  • Going beyond scripts and connectors to adapt your teams to instant L10n feedback
  • Making linguistic QA and superpower
  • Overcome security and integration challenges
  • How to take developers out of localization and QA bottleneck


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