Software Localization Thriving in a DevOps World

Discover next-level automation for i18n, L10n & QA for rapid software development and microservices architecture in our webinar on June 24th.

Software development has been all about DevOps automation for some time. Localization teams are now pushed to keep up. In turn, systems also need to give developers instant feedback so i18n & L10n technical issues are found early before they become bugs.

With so many companies venturing globally for growth, localization must be in alignment to succeed, and not a drag on development velocity. We need an approach that combines sophisticated automation for speed and efficiency, yet doesn’t sacrifice U/I translation quality.

Lingoport and Lingotek are partnering for our June 24th webinar, which will use examples of combined technologies.

Why It Matters

  1. CI/CD integration makes localization always-on, directly connected to product development, where we’ve wanted to be for so many years
  2. It’s how to keep up with rapid and asynchronous feature development
  3. Machine translation, custom terminology and in-application context make big impacts to speed, scalability and quality
  4. Directives from the C-suite are to automate, automate and automate, yet we have to also include human translation review and workflows in new ways for increased quality

What You Will Learn and See

  • How to match the speed of development iterations with new approaches to automation
  • How to automate L10n when the amount of repos and files is exploding in scope
  • Going beyond scripts and connectors to adapt your teams to instant L10n feedback
  • Heading off i18n & L10n bugs before they become part of your backlog
  • Making linguistic QA a super power
  • Overcoming security and integration challenges
  • How to take developers â€“ some of the most time-constrained personnel – out of any localization and QA bottleneck.
  • Live demos that show you, not just tell you

Who Should Attend

  • Localization Managers
  • Globalization Architects
  • Product Managers
  • Development Managers
  • Anyone who is interested in joining software globalization with development

Lingoport & Lingotek Solution Partners

Lingoport and Lingotek provide complimentary products, but we’re not the same company. 

Lingoport makes software that manages continuous i18n, L10n and contextual Linguistic QA and connects to Translation Management Systems (TMS). Lingotek provides hosted and on premise TMS solutions for effective workflow automation of translation efforts. We will include a demonstration of combined workflows that deliver always-on “plugged in” software localization.


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