Speed and Ease of Continuous Globalization the focus of Lingoport’s new updates and release

In development, one thing that is true is that everyone needs localization to effectively compete for global customers and to ensure that those same global customers never have to wait for translated features. 

Lingoport is excited to announce new products and updates aimed at helping software teams and enterprises reach worldwide customers with internationalized and localized software.

With this new release, Lingoport ensures that happens.

The story of the relationship between development and localization

Traditionally, for development teams departments facing expectations for fast and agile processes on tight timelines and budgets, localization is an afterthought bolted on to software development late in a sprint. It lacks the automation and immediate feedback of other software quality processes and is a drag on development. 

At Lingoport, we believe that localization shouldn’t be a drag on development, it should match its speed. 

Our innovative software suite changes the normal way that software is localized. With it, DevOps can easily localize with continuous integration, continuous delivery, and continuous deployment.

The future of localization is here… 

Imagine that as a product is created, developers start work on a new feature. Several menus and messages are added to the application, all of which will need to be translated.

As the developers write new code, Lingoport’s Globalyzer checks it to make sure there are no internationalization issues that will interfere with translations.

Localyzer automatically recognizes the new files and words (strings) needing to be translated, checking the file formats as well.

Localyzer sends those strings automatically to be machine-translated via a choice of translation engines or TMS (translation management system) for machine to human translation.

The files and strings are automatically returned and properly placed in their respective software repositories while being checked to make sure they meet formatting requirements.

Developers receive instant visibility feedback to the application including translations.

The big benefits of machine translation

With machine translation, there are never any transaction time or minimum processing costs that hold back truly continuous localization efforts.

Software translation can be always-on and easily customized in context to deliver localized software in every sprint and release.

The key to this speedy approach is making the linguistic QA process fast and easy. 
With the Lingoport suite, a QA linguist can quickly audit the translation in line with the sprint cycle. QA is applied right in the application and the linguist can make corrections as needed to machine translation quickly and easily, which are propagated back to the repositories. No developer needs to be involved.

Of course, translations can be quite different depending upon the context. However traditional Linguistic QA is dependent on a long cycle of manual screenshots, laborious change processes, and bug reports. 

With Lingoport, QA is fast and easy, with direct updates to repository translation files in context.  Applying upfront neural machine translation to the development becomes an efficient, fast, and cost-effective process.

What we released and updated: New Lingoport Suite DevOps oriented solutions make localization easier than ever before

Enhancement updates were made across the product suite line, including TypeScript and Python i18n support in Globalyzer, connectivity, expanded plurals, and file handling enhancements for Localyzer.

LocalyzerQA has been updated to offer true in-context reviewing and updating of translations within software applications for web, mobile, desktop, and console systems.

The Express Suite now gives streamlined internationalization (i18n) and localization for GitHub users, at express prices.

LocalyzerQA delivers in-application translation editing that’s immediate and easy.

Assign a new feature to a translator, navigate to the page or screen, and edit – it’s that simple. Changes are easily reviewed and cycled back to a TMS as needed, with quick updates to the application. 

No more screenshots or tedious string tracking needed. There are no proxies, developer hurdles, or baggage. LocalyzerQA works for web, mobile, desktop, and even console applications.

Globalyzer Express and Localyzer Express deliver streamlined i18n and localization efficiency to development teams using GitHub. 

Lingoport’s new express suite is engineered and priced to make localization systems and services easy, fast, and in reach of any sized team or company, even early startups.

With simple in-application QA, you can put neural machine translation to work upstream. It’s always on and incredibly scalable. 

Lingoport’s localization and internationalization software that leverages automation and machine translation for every business.

Designed to help you reach new markets with software that’s internationalized, localized, and tested in every release, the Lingoport Suite has products and plans for every size of business.

  • Globalyzer. Offering continuous internationalization (i18n) feedback for developers
  • Localyzer (formally LRM). Localization automation updates from software repository to human and machine translation and back again, with no developer or localization team hassle.
  • LocalyzerQA. Deliver context to translators and reviews for better and faster translation and linguistic review.
  • Express Suite. Plug-in i18n and translation into your GitHub repositories automatically.

For the enterprise, the suite also includes additional components designed to globalize and automate linguistic translation at scale.

  • Lingobot. Project collaboration and controls via Slack and MS Teams
  • Dashboard. Visibility, notifications, issues drill down and management, and more

Watch the ease of installation and implementation of Express Suite and LocalyzerQA:


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