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Snapchat: Revolutionizing Global Expansion

Internationalization Success Storie 0f Customer Snapchat: Revolutionizing Global Expansion

Founded: 2011
Industry: Social Media

Employees: 5,661 (2021)
Countries: 40+


Snapchat had i18n in place, but struggled to fully support its global market with desired quality standards. Localization testing teams found numerous internationalization bugs that were left unresolved for a long time. Development teams were unable to fix them quickly, leading to a buildup of bugs in JIRA bug reports.

Localization testing teams found a lot of internationalization bugs that were left unresolved for a long time.
How to find internationalization bugs and solve complex i18n issues



Lingoport provided technical resources and specialists with deep expertise in i18n and mobile development.

The Lingoport team reviewed open bugs and conducted an I18N Gap Analysis to identify the issues in the current i18n process

Lingoport launched a code-level i18n evaluation with the help of Globalyzer.

The remediation plan put in place outlined the specific tasks necessary to fix the gaps in the architecture, framework and software code itself to support the i18n of the complex issues.

Lingoport ran training for the Snap team on how to scan code for internationalization bugs, and to facilitate pseudo-localization testing in their development process.

Our i18n issues were  complicated and we were stuck. We didn’t have the depth of i18n expertise necessary to solve them in a timely manner. Hiring Lingoport was the best decision for us. Lingoport’s experts were able to address all our complex legacy issues and we were able to put a process and plan in place that was key to our successful launch of Snapchat in  multiple geographies.


Lingoport built new frameworks to support pluralization and bi-directional support. 

The combined use of Globalyzer and Localyzer together shortened timelines for Snap to release their localized products and meet tight deadlines.

Lingoport i18n experts resolved all legacy and complex JIRA issues that were not previously being closed.

Snap developers received expertise and filled gaps in i18n knowledge.