Webinar – Continuous Globalization

Complete the form below to watch the Continuous Globalization webinar. It’s challenging to keep localized releases in sync with software development – particularly for agile development.

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VMware – Lingoport: A Collaboration in the Globalization of Partner Central

Partner and corporate portals continue to increase in importance in helping enterprises communicate and assist its partners and resellers succeed in with product training, sales and marketing resources and other information. With partners around the world, providing content in their native language becomes critical for deeper acceptance and resulting success.

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Building a Scalable i18n Initiative

There are several major business drivers that push companies into internationalization efforts in support of localization. Activities involved in the planning required for an internationalization assessment, implementation and ongoing support is often ad-hoc and woefully inadequate.

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Path to Agile Localization

Many have made the conclusion that Agile development and localization cannot coexist in a mutually reinforcing way. With its inherent nature for disruptions and change, globalization teams know the distress it imposes on downstream localization activities.

Agile development however is here to stay.

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Staying Global in an Agile World

Time and again, we’ve come to realize that what sounds like a “simple” process of reintegrating translated strings back into a source repository is a tedious process. Customers tell us it takes a lot of man hours and even more test iterations to integrate strings a

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Top-Five Considerations When Internationalizing Software

It’s very common for software development enterprises to experience a bumpy start when internationalizing their applications.

From working with big global companies and up-and-coming development shops alike, we’ve learned that projects often teeter between success and failure because the team did not fully understand the entire scope of their project, which is usually much more than just string externalization…

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Globalyzer 4.0 – i18n Software to Streamline your Globalization Process

Globalyzer 4.0 brings internationalization to the forefront of development and empowers entire software development teams to perform i18n tasks within one integrated environment. The latest Globalyzer release features the Eclipse Integrated Development Environment and can be installed as a stand-alone application or as an Eclipse 3.7 plug-in.

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Globalyzer 4.0 Release

Lingoport is proud to announce the release of Globalyzer 4.0, the premier internationalization software, refashioning how developers support and manage internationalization from the root of

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Internationalization in Real-Time

What if there was a solution that brings internationalization to the forefront of development that empowers software engineers to perform i18n tasks within one integrated environment? In this hands-on one-hour online session, Lingoport will demonstrate how Globalyzer 4.0 (in beta now) fits into the development environment of the engineer.

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