Internationalization in Real-Time

What if there was a solution that brings internationalization to the forefront of development that empowers software engineers to perform i18n tasks within one integrated environment? In this hands-on one-hour online session, Lingoport will demonstrate how Globalyzer 4.0 (in beta now) fits into the development environment of the engineer.

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Shifting Left in Software Internationalization

Traditionally localization is performed after development is complete, or if your organization is advanced, at least late in the development process. But what happens when you have systems and processes to make localization a core supported value for your development mission? We already have significant technologies in place to improve translation quality and speed. The improvement opportunity is to shift focus t

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Taking Your Mobile Apps Global: Games and Mobile Internationalization and Localization

The recent explosion in mobile and social game popularity has created a lucrative market, both domestically and abroad for game development. Often, however, mobile games and apps globalization quality and functional testing get overlooked due to the rush to market and an incomplete process for international development, leading to a dissatisfying gaming experience for users.

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Justifying Software Globalization to Management

Perhaps you have a clear or developing business case for software internationalization (i18n) and localization (l10n), but the process is slow and you are having trouble justifying the cost and what’s involved for i18n and L10n to management.

Is the lack of a definitive internationalization/localization process slowing your department down? Are you in a position where you need to explain to management how much time-to-market is wasted by a late international release, or quantifying globalization of your software application?

In this one hour online session, Adam Asnes, Founder & CEO of Lingoport, provides useful information on how you can get buy-in from management to support your internationalization and localization efforts.

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International Product Development – Brand Culturalization

Folks across the globe are wired differently. Therefore, it’s key to design and market a product brand with an eye on cultural adaptation to regional markets. Get a competitive edge. And keep it. At the speed of need. A product unlocalized is a product unsold. An ROI unreaped.

This one-hour presentation is a roller coaster ride through pains and gains in the pre-natal product development process. We’ll review contextual, functional and visual elements to consider for producing a culturally fitted product brand and resurface just in time for a quick peek into glocal strategy for product acceptance in new market entry.

Webinar: “Product Brand Culturalization”
Date and Time: This webinar was originally held on Thursday, August 25, 2011
Webinar recording: Request the recording of this webinar by completing the form at the bottom of this page
Presenters: Talia Baruch, Localization & Culturalization Consultant, Copyous and Chris Raulf, Marketing Director, Lingoport

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Software Development and Localization: Bridging the Gap

So, you’ve developed a new software application, and have high aspirations in terms of selling your application to a global audience. Now what? Join us for an hour long online panel discussion and learn how some of the best know industry thought leaders are contributing to bridging the gap between software development and localization. The panel discussion will feature a selected group of experts and thought leaders in the software and content development, internationalization, and localization industries.

The panel currently features the following industry thought leaders and experts from the software, content development, internationalization, and localization industries.

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Is your software product internationalized? A New Way to Keep Score

It’s finally become fairly common knowledge that if software is to be localized well, you need the code to be internationalized. But internationalization requirements can be difficult to articulate, negotiating locale can be error prone and it’s easy and expensive for internationalization errors to slip all the way through to release.

In our interactions with many globally-savvy development and localization organizations, it’s clear that there’s a need for systems to evaluate, monitor and track internationalization status and progress over time. This is particularly emphasized with fast release cycles, geographically distributed development teams and the important and emphasis on growing global revenues.

In this one hour Webinar, you will learn how the new Globalyzer Internationalization Score Card provides mechanism to report on the status of your internationalization efforts and how to tailor an i18n Score Card template to your specific project requirements.

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