The Power of Integration: Unlocking Critical LangOps Opportunities

Webinar Recorded

Wed, May 3, 2023

Duration: 45 minutes

9:00 am Pacific | Noon Eastern | 6 pm European

Are you struggling with localization processes that seem to be holding back your software development team? Traditional localization paths often overlook gateway processes to product development that can bring big rewards for software localization. In fact, some customers have found that internationalization (i18n) issues create more than half of their globalization bugs.

In this webinar, we’ll explore how to integrate localization into the development process so that developers can start “seeing” localization as part of the development process, rather than a separate step.

Webinar speakers:

Adam Asnes – CEO at Lingoport

Olivier Libouban – VP Product Development at Lingoport

What you will learn:

  • Incorporate i18n into the development process and provide guidance to developers
  • Provide visual evidence of localization to help developers adapt to global requirements
  • Assist QA teams in supporting localization efforts
  • Improve in-country reviews for more effective localization
  • Streamline the localization process for greater efficiency

We will also demonstrate you the integrated solutions that helps to: 

  • Give visual localization feedback to designers and developers
  • Make Commits, Pull Requests and Slack/Teams work for localization
  • Enables QA to support localization with real time feedback

Who should attend:

  • Localization leadership and engineers,
  • Software development managers
  • Program managers

Webinar Recording

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