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Thoughts from the 2012 Internationalization & Localization Conference

A big thanks goes out to everybody who attended the 2012 Internationalization & Localization Conference, and the event sponsors Acrolinx, Alchemy, Cloudwords, e2f translations, Jonckers, Moravia, Rearden Commerce and VistaTEC, for making our vision become a reality. Attendees from companies big and small made for a great environment for networking.  From Twitter’s translation crowdsourcing, to an intuitive globalization scorecard from experts at Adobe, AutoDesk and Zynga, to how i18n departments can empower a company, all presentations were well received and informative.

Next year we hope to make the event bigger and better and appreciate all the feedback we have received so far. Here’s a roundup of some great tweets from those who attended (search #2012i18n on Twitter to see for yourself):

  • #2012i18n learn to speak 3 langs in #l10n: executive (money), engineer (implementation), manager (ppl & time) –@TaliaBaruch
  • #2012i18n some companies see #i18n as a feature & not part of the product. –@TaliaBaruch
  • I’m really enjoying the #2012I18n conference, specially Kent Grave’s and Mike McKenna’s talks. Adam, Chris: great job pulling this together. –@__leandro_reis
  • A huge shout out to the organizers of the @Lingoport i18n conference – really good stuff! Special thanks to Chris and Spencer! #2012i18n –@camertron
  • #2012i18n conference was excellent. Well organized, interesting presentations, great people! –@hantalk
  • To convince your company to go int’l? Talk $$ w/ execs, time & people w/ managers, and bits & bytes w/ engineers. #2012i18n #i18n #l10n –@DynamicLanguage
  • Mobile games need to start capturing geo-locations to make served adds more relevant worldwide – Mike McKenna, #2012i18n –@AdamAsnes
  • HTML5 lets you design once to support desktop to mobile including cloud based desktops of the future #2012i18n –@AdamAsnes
  • fantasizing about dynamically designed buttons and boxes that flexibly expand to accommodate long text – you mean even German??? #2012i18n –@kumiko

We will be posting videos recordings and slides of each presentation in the coming days available for free for all those who attended. If you did not attend and wish to receive access to the presentations, please contact Spencer at sthomas(at)lingoport.com for more information.


2013 Internationalization and Localization Conference

To follow up on the success of the 2012 Internationalization and Localization conference, Lingoport will again play host to to the second annual event taking place March 13-14, 2013. The event will follow a similar format with a one-day intensive training on Wednesday March 13, 2013, followed by a one-day conference on Thursday, March 14, 2013. We have already received a great deal of feedback regarding what sessions attendees hope to see at next year’s event and we will work hard on making those a reality. Should you have any questions or want to contribute to the success of next year’s event, please email Chris Raulf at craulf(at)lingoport.com.

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