Webinar: Top-Five Internationalization Considerations

Internationalization, the process of adapting source code so that it’s ready for localization, can be a difficult task for companies to face alone, and when done incorrectly, can create a nightmare when looking to expand globally. As the second half of the year approaches and deadlines are forthcoming, Lingoport is offering a helping hand to guide software development groups on the best course of action when internationalizing software.

On Wednesday, August 22nd at 11am PT, internationalization expert Adam Asnes will offer his insights in a fast-paced 30-minute webinar. Asnes leads Lingoport in its belief that software internationalization is not a side project and is a vital cog to any global company’s bottom line. Often times however, global firms overlook vital pieces to the international software development puzzle, including necessary budget, expertise, test protocols and source code quality. All these pieces fit together to create a globally mature software company. It’s Lingoport’s job to help along the way.

Registration for this webinar is available at http://www2.lingoport.com/l/13612/2012-08-09/2r7sd

As a teaser for this webinar, be sure to read about the Top Ten Internationalization Mistakes to Avoid. We have found that projects will teeter between success and failure due to a lack of commitment to internationalizing a product. Assumptions about i18n are often unfounded and can lead to a product that doesn’t sell.

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