Webinar Presentation Highlights Top-Five Considerations When Internationalizing Software Applications

Software development managers will learn how to avoid expensive surprises when developing applications and websites with localization in mind

BOULDER, CO – August 8, 2012 – Lingoport, a provider of internationalization (i18n) products and consulting services, announced today that it will host a live webinar titled “Top-Five Considerations When Internationalizing Software” to guide software development groups on the best course to global success on Wednesday, August 22, 2012, at 11:00 am PDT.

In this fast-paced 30-minute webinar, i18n expert Adam Asnes of Lingoport will present the top five considerations any software development program manager needs to know in order to successfully prepare a software application for localization. Registration for this webinar is available at https://www2.lingoport.com/l/13612/2012-08-07/2nqdq

“We find that it is very common for software development teams to overlook essential parts to adapting code to be world ready,” notes Adam Asnes. He adds, “There are vital pieces to the puzzle, including budget, expertise, test protocols and source quality, that all have to fit together to create a product that is well internationalized.”

Lingoport webinars are often attended by those seeking expert advice from software globalization thought leaders. Webinar registrants are advised to pre-submit questions in order to ensure their questions are answered during the session.

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Lingoport helps globally focused technology companies accelerate and improve how software is built for world markets. Lingoport’s suite of product and services help companies looking to remove surprises in developing software for the world by checking, measuring and fixing source code for internationalization (i18n) defects. Combined with comprehensive outsourcing services, Lingoport offerings enable our clients to make world-ready software development a priority for their worldwide customers.

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