Truly Global 2.0 with Anna Schlegel

Lingoport had the pleasure of speaking with Anna Schelegel – author of Truly Global and international globalization expert. For 25 years, Anna has led global expansion in the tech industry. She’s paved a path for companies to effectively move into international markets, helping them successfully deliver and scale their product to customers across different cultures and languages. 

During our discussion, Anna shared the importance of proper globalization in a corporation and revealed why globalization is just as crucial as securities, encryption, engineering, and marketing. Watch our interview and enlighten yourself on all things globalization!

In this webinar, Anna reveals how proper globalization significantly impacts a company’s success and explains why globalization should stop being an afterthought in development. 

She flips the script on localization and illustrates how it is not an anchor on developers but rather instrumental towards achieving the end goal.

Her book challenges corporations to understand the benefits of globalization and its impacts beyond translation. 

She provides valuable tips on sharing the importance of globalization, advice on which team members to share this with, what to say, and ultimately how to convince decision-makers that worldwide users shouldn’t be second-class consumers of software. 

Don’t miss out on her words of wisdom backed by credentials such as VP of Global Portfolio-to-Market Lifecycle at NetApp, leader of globalization, product life cycle, and content strategy teams at companies like VMware, VeriSign, Cisco, and Xerox. Anna served as CEO and General Manager of two Bay Area globalization agencies and has been published on,, and

Watch our interview with Anna and learn about the importance of globalization. 

Who should watch: 

  • Localization Managers
  • Globalization Architects
  • Product Managers
  • Development Managers
  • Those interested in joining software globalization with development.

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