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Upcoming Webinar to Demonstrate how Agile Development & Localization Can Work Smoothly Together

Smart technology and processes quell differences between Agile and localization methodologies

December 6, 2012 –Boulder, CO– Lingoport (www.lingoport.com), the leading resource for creating world-ready software and applications, announced today that it is holding a webinar, Path to Agile Localization, on Wednesday, December 19, 2012 to cover how current Agile and localization methodologies may be better coordinated.

Industry experts have pointed to inherent distress Agile development places on localization activities.

“Agile development practices are designed in such a way that disruptions and change are constant; historically, localization changes don’t fit within three-week sprints,” says Lingoport CEO Adam Asnes. He continues, “after many conversations with our clients and friends who can’t actively provide the same updates to global customers, we have found that embracing change and applying technology is the best course for localization teams to synergize with Agile.”

To share how localization can be more visible and effective within Agile, Lingoport will hold an hour-long webinar, Path to Agile Localization. Presenters include Richard Sikes, noted localization technology expert, Adam Asnes, Lingoport’s CEO and Olivier Libouban, Globalization Architect and Product Manager at Lingoport. Attendees are encouraged to submit their experiences in advance of the webinar. View the recording here.

About Lingoport

Lingoport is a trusted resource to the world’s leading companies in modifying software and web applications to perform gracefully in any language or locale. Lingoport’s product suite helps companies in developing software for the world by checking, measuring and fixing source code for internationalization (i18n) defects, then automating the flow of localization to keep up with ongoing development. Our extensive outsourced internationalization service offerings help companies meet challenging global release deadlines while augmenting development teams. For more information, please visit https://lingoport.com or contact Lingoport at sales@lingoport.com.

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