Using Localization Technology to Reach a Wider Audience

Using localizationg technology so your business can reach a global audience.

Localization can be a daunting task. If you are constantly expanding into new and unfamiliar places, ensuring that your products, services, and content click with the local community is exceptionally challenging. Fortunately, translation and localization technology can help you streamline these processes.

What Is Localization Technology and What Are Its Benefits?

Localization technology is an umbrella term that describes tools that can help automate or improve the localization process. When designers and developers use app or website localization technology they: 

  • Improve accuracy
  • Reduce turnaround time
  • Eliminate file clerking

With the right tools, organizations can refine the often cumbersome process of linguistic quality reviews.

History of Localization Technology

The need for localization tools has evolved over time. As more companies began participating in the global economy, many realized that localization would be slow and error-prone without the right tools. 

Where Did It Start?

At first, there were no commercially-available tools for localization. Instead, larger companies with sufficient resources developed localization technologies for use in-house. 

Translation providers also developed proprietary tools. These tools were very basic. Many simply found text strings in code that could then be translated and localized.

The Current State of Localization Technology

Now, localization technology is commercially available. Tools are available to facilitate the entire localization process.

How Localization Technology Works

Localization technology was created to automate processes, reduce errors, and allow developers to complete tasks without localization delays. These tools also facilitate collaboration between designers, developers, translators, and localization specialists. The tools include:

  • APIs
  • Cloud-based tech
  • QA testing automation
  • String handling

These technologies can be integrated to improve localization from end to end.

The Different Types of Localization Technology 

What are the practical applications of localization tech? 


For localization to work well, companies must have internationalization processes that ensure software, websites, and apps are adaptable to new languages and cultures. Pseudo-localization tools offer a way to test these components to see how they will perform when they are localized.

File Support and Transforms

As part of the localization process, you may find your team contending with multiple file formats and different software and app versions. Localization tools can automate these processes and avoid the frustrations created by manual file clerking.

Integration With Translation Technology

Localization technology can integrate with translation tools to streamline workflows, including client-approved translation integrations.

Lingoport Understands Localization Technology

Do you want to reach a wider audience and deliver the best experience possible? Without localization, users won’t understand your messaging or the value that your services offer. At Lingoport, we’re at the center of globalization. Our localization and globalization services allow you to reach customers faster with more control over the message you deliver.

The future of software is limitless. However, application deployments can be held back by the inability to localize effectively. Localyzer automates tedious tasks, making updating translations and tracking development progress in real-time a breeze. Localyzer represents a stride forward in providing globalized products to more users. With Localyzer, you’ll have a future-ready solution to your localization needs so you can deliver the best user experience with every release. 

At Lingoport, we’re building the future of localization technology. We empower digital transformations with a better approach to internationalization. When you need to learn about localization technology and how it helps your software company, contact us at Lingoport!

Localization tools can be exceptionally valuable to any company that wants to conduct business in new markets. However, adopting these can be a bit intimidating. Brands already using Agile methods may gain valuable insights from this white paper on Agile localization.

If you’re ready to learn more about internationalization and localization technology and how it can help your business, contact us at 303-444-8020.


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