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Visualizing and Tracking Source Code Quality for Global Products

Upcoming Webinars: Cisco and Lingoport discuss a new way to measure quality of software products as they are created and enabled for world markets

BOULDER, CO – June 4, 2012 – Lingoport, a leading provider of source code internationalization (i18n) analysis and management products and i18n consulting services, announced today that it will present two webinars demonstrating how to easily understand and share internationalization coding metrics for legacy and ongoing product development. Both complimentary webinars feature a Cisco Systems internationalization expert guest presenter.

Software development and globalization groups are tasked with meeting tight deadlines, yet lack the means to accurately track and present the status on i18n bugs or reporting to management on the progress of an international release. In fact, it’s often not until localization testing or even after a release, when issues in the code are discovered. Since global customers and revenues are important to competitiveness and growth, proactively measuring, managing and fixing internationalization issues is a major opportunity to improve release practices.

On Tuesday, June 19th at 11am PT, in a webinar titled Internationalization Quality and Progress at a Glance, Lingoport will present its new Dashboard and demonstrate how i18n status is visible to development teams as well as management. This webinar targets software development managers looking to track improvements in globalization technical debt. To register and for additional information  visit: https://lingoport.com/webinars/internationalization-quality-i18n-progress/.

In a second webinar on Thursday, June 21st at noon PT, software developers, project and program managers, will learn how i18n progress can be automatically displayed and tracked for high-level and drilled down analysis continually as your team submits code for your regular build. The webinar is titled Analytics for Internationalization and registration is available by visiting: https://lingoport.com/webinars/analytics-internationalization/

Gary Lefman, Internationalization Architect at Cisco Systems, Adam Asnes, Lingoport CEO, and Olivier Libouban, Lingoport Globalization Lead, will demonstrate the Lingoport Dashboard and answer questions from the audience. The best question submitted before or during each webinar will win a surprise gift. The Twitter hashtag for both webinars is #LPDash.

Follow Lingoport on Twitter at https://twitter.com/Lingoport and LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/company/lingoport or subscribe to https://i18nblog.com/.

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Lingoport helps globally focused companies adapt their software for worldwide markets with expert internationalization and localization consulting and Globalyzer software.
Globalyzer helps entire enterprises and development teams to effectively internationalize existing and newly developed source code and prepare applications for localization.

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